Real Life Stories Of Crime In – Bhanwar


• I am sure not many people remember the serial “Bhanwar” that used to be telecasted on Sony TV. I would like to refresh the memory of all those people who don’t remember it or who are not even aware of it. Bhanwar is a series of real life crime stories of those people who went through a horrific time.

• For all those people who have missed the serial in the past can now watch it on Fox History at 11pm Tuesday. I had seen some of it’s episodes long time back but still I would love to watch it again as it’s dramatization of the real life incidents are outstanding. Take my words for it! Bhanvar is an interesting combination of events that unfold in the most attention-grabbing way.

• As it’s based on real life stories therefore it requires a lot of research to get the insight and detailed information about the case. In order to cross check the facts and figures the team of Bhanvar contacted every member of the case. It’s really impressive that how every minute detailing of every single life incident is captured in the most realistic way. It depicts the kind of emotional trauma the victim’s family goes through for years and years and still in the end still they don’t get justice.

• Everybody is aware of the fact that how justice in the Indian court is denied. And for how long a person has to go through the proceedings of the court. In cases where the justice is delivered there also you have to wait for years and years. There are thousands of verdicts that have released powerful criminals or where innocent people suffered. Why? Either they are not powerful enough or they are not financially strong.

• I only know handful of the cases where criminals got convicted like Jessica Lal Murder case. But HOLD ON how long it had taken for the court to wake up to the reality? Thanks and salute to Jessica Lal’s sister who stood by what she believed in and fought the battle against all those stinking corrupt high profile politicians.

• BUT MIND IT – Justice delayed is Justice denied. Usually, many of the victims just give up because they don’t have the will power to fight for that long or they lack funds to pay to the lawyers.

The Question Of God – Do You Search For Reasoning Of Your Beliefs?!


Where is god?

Where is God? What’s the proof that God exist?
Well, I guess every single person can relate to this article. At least, once in our lives we have questioned the existence of God.

  1. Usually, all of us inherit religion from our respective families.
  2. There are some people who develop their own perceptions towards following a particular religion.
  3. Some people convert their religion because of distinctive reasons.
  • There is nothing mischief about challenging the existence of god. Usually in our society whenever you commence a discussion about “The existence of God” you won’t probably find many people who are willing to share their views.
  • There are many reasons behind this because they are accustomed to following some particular kind of religion because that’s what their families have been practicing it for years.
  • Other kinds of people don’t really find any reason to question the existence of god because they don’t have the courage to go against the society where majority of the people have strong faith on their respective gods. Don’ dismiss it by labelling it as an “Indisputable Discussion”
  • And the rest of the people don’t want to get into something which can create rage in the society (because the topic of religion/ god is a very sensitive issue). But I personally believe that before an individual Embrace something whether it’s a religion, relationship or any emotional attachment, you should question your “Faith” on it.
  • And here comes those kinds of people who are always are always interested to start an intellectual and a healthy discussion.
  • What’s an evidence that god exist?

  • Most of all, I encourage the freedom of speech, no matter you are speaking in favor of me or against me. I am sure the debate on “The Existence of God” may turn into an argument. But that shouldn’t be the reason to stop you to share your views and thoughts on God which is an integral part of our lives.

Why are we here?
What's life all about?
Is God really real,
or is there some doubt?

– Monty Python, “The Meaning of Life”

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