I Have Been Busy With My Addictions – What about you?


I Am So Obsessed – Something I Can’t Live Without

  • Every single day, this increasingly addiction is making me go crazy. I don’t find anything wrong in it. I mean if you are someone like me who loves to explore new things then obviously you will become addicted to internet . Without any doubt – Internet comes in the top five things I can’t live without. I know the kind of things that are popping up in your mind. What about my family and friends.. WAKE UP! They are not things. ( I am just clearing it because on many social networking sites people usually include their friends and family under the category of “things” they can’t live without?? Isn’t it Silly? )

  • Alright folks back to the point that I wanna discuss today. Every day I am feeling guilty of spending too much time on internet reading things that interest me. I am finding it hard to control myself and I am unable to divert my mind. Who to blame? I mean come on what’s wrong in surfing things that not only quest your intellectual thirst but also help you to learn loads of new things. The kind of platform Google offers is extremely fascinating for all those people who just love to read and write. There are innumerable things which are yet to be explored- And I want to know it all. I know I know it’s impossible to know everything.

  • Whenever I don’t have access to internet I go crazy like a maniac bull! Surfing is an integral part of my daily life. I am spending far too much time on internet. I switch on to one website then from that website I land to another website and it leads me to a yet another website . Jesus! It’s taking all my time. Are you also one of those millions people who are addicted to internet? Don’t worry you have company of millions and millions of people who feel exactly like you.

  • Every day I say to myself that I will surf internet for a limited time. But then it’s me!!!!!! “addicted to internet ”. My addiction is resulting into many other things that I feel guilty about. First of all, I am not getting enough time to write, not spending quality time with hubby, my eyes pain a lot (scared of wearing specs) and I have started munching junk food all the time. I know this “Emotional Eating ” Sux! I am innocent – I am helpless!!!

  • Internet has provided an overwhelming platform to access any kind of information you want to read. But sometimes what we end up doing is before we instill one set of information – we tend to switch over to something different. As a result we are not grasping the complete info to the fullest. It is just because of one reason that “you feel like grasping everything in a short period of time” I know I am greedy! It’s alright to be greedy when it comes to learning new things. But we should give enough time to ourselves to nourish our intellectual thirst. I know we are overloaded with so much info on internet that we feel like becoming master of all traits.

  • Therefore, when you face this kind of situation it becomes essential to realize that we need to know how to devote our time wisely. In order to have a win-win situation we need to realize that other things in life are also important. I guess I need to focus on “Time Management ” (As if Anger Management was not enough for me;) Anyway, I have been planning to learn Italian language for a long time, but not finding enough time. I will again try to plan my day sensibly!

Good luck!HIGH 5 to all of you who are also addicted to internet. Let’s try to tackle this issue!

Overcome The Challenges Of Single Parenting: Share Your Stories Of Struggle


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• Parenthood is an opportunity to experience all the wonderful moments like baby holding your hand for the first time, your baby taking the first step of her life, you humming all the lovely poems for her which your mother sang to you, telling her a story while she goes to sleep in your arms, the very first day of Kinder garden and many more countless moments which you will cherish for rest of your lives.

• It does sound like a fun game but parenting is not an easy job, especially of a newborn baby. You need to diaper and feed after every interval! And how can you forget the crying part in the middle of the night! Needless to say, parenthood is a challenging responsibility where you have to nurture the development of your child from the very first day.

• You can’t compromise on any aspect of child’s development that is why parenthood involves a special care system and a total commitment in bringing up a child. Indeed it’s a difficult task and it becomes tougher and more challenging when you are a single parent. It becomes a bit easier when you have your partner’s support in bringing up the child.
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Handling kids

In today’s scenario, we all are aware that the cost of living is sky high. These days both the parents have to work to provide a decent education facility for their kids. After realizing that you are the only one who is a single source of income then it becomes a challenge to manage everything in a limited income. Don’t give up be positive that you can do it, you need to be self assured in order to accept the whole situation and planning the way out to deal with it in the most sensible way.

Not able to trust people easily

You will find it hard to trust people; it’s obvious that you will take some time to actually like someone. But don’t put unreasonable expectations while dating someone. In a subconscious state of mind you will start comparing the behavior of your date with your ex. There is nothing wrong to scrutinize someone to know the person better, but try to avoid the comparison part because every individual is different and no one is perfect. If you couldn’t get along with your ex that doesn’t mean that you will loose any hope of falling in love again.

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Emotional Trauma

Every divorce has to go through the emotional trauma; certainly it takes time to heal from the heartbreaking feel of a breakup. In many cases you end up getting depressed and feel dejected or loose interest in relations.

Simple Ways To Make Kids Happy

In case before getting a divorce your kid’s demands were always fulfilled, but now due to lack of sufficient funds you are not able to give the best entertainment source to your child. The most important thing which you can offer to your child is the quality time, you can take her out to a park and you can easily buy story books, video games, vcds or some toys. You don’t have to always buy an expensive stuff to please your kid.

Join any club

Don’t be afraid to socialize with the outside society, if you think people will judge you based on your personal life then most probably you will never be able to face the world.
I personally know many single parents who are very encouraging in their own way, when you listen to other peoples story it gives you a strength to be stronger. Never forget to help needy people; this will give you a sense of confidence to provide an emotional support to others by encouraging them to fight against all the odds. What can be the most promising thing, if you can actually set an example of yourself by proving that single parenting is not something which you should feel depressed about.

single parents dating
Try to socialize

It’s advisable to try dating, to divert your mind from the daily tensions. Your apprehensions towards your kid are justifiable, but always see the brighter side of the picture. Take out some time for yourself to relax your mind; you can meditate every morning to generate a positive outlook towards life. Gradually your problems will fade away, just don’t give up, you deserve a new start!

Handling kids concerns

We all know that children get affected the most by divorce. It gets very complicated for a single parent to talk about their ex, just because of the reason that you couldn’t get along with them you can’t expect the kids to hate their father or mother. Every child needs affection from both the parents, in many cases even after divorce the parents love towards the child never dies and vice versa.

Time management

When you are a working woman, then naturally it will get difficult for you to manage your time with your kids and at your work place. There comes a need to organize your time in a most effective way. Try to maintain a diary to plan out everything to avoid any kind of chaos in your life.
In the end all it matters is that you are giving your best in very possible way, you need to conquer the psychological challenge of being alone.