Is Sharing Passwords With Your Partner A New Age Of Intimacy?


privacy in a relationship

In my opinion the most important tool for any relationship is “TRUST” . Once you are in a relationship, you promise to share your happiness and sorrows with each other but how many of us are comfortable in sharing their privacy?

If you are in a relationship then often you are asked to tell the password of your email accounts or bank accounts. The very question is do you need to share your passwords to prove your commitment towards your partner. The very question that pops up on my mind Is What causes the need to demand your partner to disclose his/her passwords? Is it a matter of your lack of faith on your partner? Or it’s a sign of insecurity towards your partner?

Some people question that why do couples who are committed or are married needs to be under surveillance all the time. Some people demand space before and after getting into a relationship, if you fall in the same category then obviously you will have issues in sharing your passwords with your partner. Does that mean your love is not enough? Does it complicates the relationship?

Personally speaking there should not be any hesitation in sharing your passwords with your partner. The very basic criteria to feel comfortable in sharing your passwords depends upon how strong your relationship is. If you trust your partner and know that he/she will never ever misuse the money or won’t ever play with your email accounts then it’s perfectly fine to share your passwords.
What’s your take on it?

Live Example Of Lack Of Apathy In The Indian Politicians


martyr of 2008 november mumbai terrorists attacks

• When the whole nation is saluting the courage by which the Indian commandos fought against the terrorists attacks in Mumbai. You see the chief minister of maharashtra Achuthanandan passing an appalling boorish remarks for the grieving family of late Major Sandeep.

• The chief minister visited Major’s Sandeep family to offer his condolences ( though the motive was just to gain media coverage of 2008 November Mumbai Terrorists Attacks )

• Major’s Sandeep’s father refused to meet any politicians and asked the CM to move out of his house.

• Needless to say, the grieving father was agitated because he lacks trust in the Indian politicians. But the CM who is over 84 years old felt insulted and instead of soothing the fragile emotional state of the grief-stricken father, the CM of Kerala went to the extent of saying that :- , “If it had not been (Major) Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have gone there”. Cick Here To Believe It

• The only question in my mind is that for how long the Indian nation will have to empower these irresponsible politicians. I don’t know for how long the nation will keep on electing politicians like this, is there any politician that can change the way the government works.

• I have never solicited my votes to any government. This is Why! When Obama was nominated, there was a landslide rise in the percentage of youngsters coming forward to vote. When will that happen in India??