I Kind Of Agree With Bill Gates


social networking sites

Bill Gates doesn’t really like social networking sites – he finds it extremely irrirating!
He states” Everyday he gets over 10,000 add requests on Facebook!!!

The reason I also don’t like social networking sites is not because of the same reason as I am not a big personality!!!! I would prefer mailing my friends or family members over messaging them on social networking sites. I have seen millions of people who are so obsessed with social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and so on. What makes these social networking sites so famous?

Some people get on the social networking sites to make new friends and some become a member to contact old friends and others for business networking purposes. Except the second reason the others are quite useless. I have always questioned the credibility of contacting a complete stranger on internet. But I do like one thing i.e to interact with other people to have a debate on topics that interest you. That’s quite interesting to indulge in a conversation where you can share your views on any possible topic