26 JanThe Indisputable Argument Against The Existence Of God

The ‘Argument Against God’ introduced many theories of god and “The Existence Of God” It affirms the various inconsistent and contradictory explanation by many faithful believers of god. It’s impossible to conclude on one theory to prove the existence of god.

There are millions of religions and when asked about the question of “The Existence Of God” each individual will claim their own theory. At the same time every person has the right to hold his/her own opinion and beliefs “in favor” or “against” the “Existence Of God” It’s their mere choice and judgment of ones own theory.

I have done bit of research in trying to find out a logical theory that proves “the existence of god”. There has been several theories that have been coming to the limelight, but not even single theory have enough proves that something existed in the past.

How we start believing in god

Every individual is always asked and guided by the family to believe in god from the very beginning. All over the world the acceptance of god has been practiced because of the fact that their ancestors have been following some or the other “kind” of god.

It’s the safest way out to follow the same theory that has been practiced for years. And not many people question the stories which they get to hear from their ancestors.

Needless to say, not every individual acknowledge the existence of god. And those people who come forward to put their opinions forward either get criticized or be thrown from their community. Any kind of religious debates turn into Religious communal riots. Christians believe that their god “Jesus” is the only savior of this world. On the other hand, Muslims have indisputable faith in their Qur’an and Jews have strongly opposed any other religion except their own!!!

The only conclusion I can derive from my study is – If you follow any particular religion and have strong faith in it then follow it wholeheartedly. But never criticize any other religion. Because nobody on this earth can prove that god existed.

The documentary that made me think is Bill Maher’s Religulous Documentary

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