There Are Lessons To Be Learned – Don’t Let Anyone Take Advantage Of Your Fragile Condition

1993 mumbai blasts

Black Friday

Directed by – Anurag Kashyap

Produced by – Arjun Bagga, Arindam Mitra


  • Kay Kay Menon
  • Pavan Malhotra
  • Aditya Srivastava
  • Kishore Kadam
  • Gajraj Rao
  • Zakir Hussain
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya

It was released in 2004
innocent kids dieing

  • First of all it’s not a review of the movie. It’s more about realization of few important thoughts which ‘We The People” needs to understand.
  • The movie was released in way back 2004. I recently watched it and found a masterpiece. The movie is based on a book by S. Hussein Zaidi. I remember when the movie was released I was reluctant to watch it because it was like “re- living the most horrendous moments of 1993 blasts”
  • The film has depicted some of the facts in a nerve wrecking way. Some of the dialogues have so much deep meaning to it. I still remember 1993 Mumai Blasts, though I was a kid.
  • But still you can comprehend when your country goes through a disastrous and painful incident. It left the whole country numb. Needless to say, it’s a contentious issue to portrait.
  • The issue required the director and the writer – to bring out the emotions and pain of both the Muslims and Hindus. One aspect of the movie represents the very fact on how terrorists groups take advantage of jobless people.

1993 mumbai blasts

  • When an individual goes through tough times where they dont have any funds to even survive. Sometimes situations make them fragile and as a result anyone can brainwash their mind. Especially, for young people who become vulnerable and look for options that can provide them financial help for their family.
  • All the characters of the movie have given an outstanding performance. The writers and the director of the movie have studied the incidents before the the blasts when communal riots happened and also the aftermath of the blasts.
  • The view point of Hindu’s religious communities and Muslim immigrants are shared without any bias feeling. The “Babri Masjid” incident and the brutal killings of thousands of innocent civilians make you numb.
  • One incident in the movie which says it all is when one of the terrorists gets arrested and then starts defending his actions by saying that it’s a “jihad” i.e the power of God have influenced us to commit the attack against Hindu’s. Then Kay Kay menon who is the inspector in the movie says. If Allah was with you then you would never have got caught.

It’ so true, as it’s a fact that some of the Muslim terrorists groups shield themselves by labeling their attacks as “Jihad”.


Vibs:- Reply to your comments.

  • One of the main reason of the communal riots is because the political parties also benefit from it. Therefore, they don’t do anything to gain a control on the whole situation. Actually, we can’t solely blame anyone for the riots. There are many factors that needz to be studied. For example:-
  • Some people have a belief that whatever is happening is justified from their point of view. Due to the fact that in the past either of the party (hindus or muslims) faced injustice. ( Both muslims and hindus have their justifications and stories when they suffered). Whenever I talk abou this with anyone – all they come up with is ” They also did this n dat in the past” So it has become a kind of revenge on other religionz.
  • Second of all, there are certain section of people ( both muslim and hindus) who literally oppose the attacks against any religion but they are too afraid to come forward and share their opinions.
  • For instance, muslims are being treated with suspicion everywhere, whether its in India or Abroad. Not all muslims are terrorists and there are some genuine muslims who are peacemakers/peacekeepers.
  • But the point is “every terrorists always turn out to be a muslim”, that’s why muslims always fall in the category of mistrust. And “We the People” you and me are helpless every time we witness some or the other kind of religious violence. Sometimes, I feel remorseful for Muslims that they get unfaur treatment.

Pooja Brahmi

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  1. I think that there are several reasons. We can’t keep blaming some persons or organization like ISI or Al-Qaida to be the cause of our all miseries. If we start looking from the deep roots then we find out the problem actually generates from us only. I think that India for the moment is going through a transition phase and such situations will be existing for at least 15-20 years more. Its not that world will become some heaven after that but definitely it’ll be better.

    Religion is the banana skin and spirituality is the banana. People are throwing away the banana and holding on to the skin.Its very important for all of us to understand that the goal of any philosphy/religion is ONE. A sense of belongingness to the whole world is the need of the hour. We need to celebrate diversity, by honoring all cultures and religious traditions.

    People often forget that its the change that keeps human life interested. E.g Can u eat or watch the same movie everyday? Like u accept new things in your life then why can’t accept things like various castes and religions. Like a person is tempted to the shop which contains lots of variety of the thing that he is searching for.. similarly on earth we need a person of every mentality, attitude, situation, religion to make it dynamic and beautiful.

    So the truth is that may be that some person or some muslim or any other organization.. No one fails to take the advantage of any other person’s fragile condition. The only difference from person to person is the intensity by which the difference might have been taken ! Its the human nature to take advantage and thats why I emphasize in the starting about the WEAKNESS in oneself.

    For example a person whose Family is killed due to the Indian Police/Army Exploitation can do two things
    1) Join Some Terror Group (Like shown in the movie)
    2) Be patient, Fight for the change for his karma, Believe in the supreme power, keep pursuing the defaulters to bring them down via way of justice.

    It depends upon from person to person that how he handles a given situation? Its the person who is eventually responsible for his/her actions NO matter whatever the situation or circumstances are !! Thats the truth of the life 🙁 because people only see the results NOT the events which actually triggered those results.

  2. Hey Vibs:-
    Thats a great insight of your views. Please have a look at the last part of the post, replied to your comments.

  3. Thanks for your reply on my comments but as said earlier by also that you are talking a level above the ‘Root Cause Analysis’ of the problem. Yes no doubt you are 100% justified in telling the exact psychology behind those actions but as I said that in post that I was concentrating on the ‘catalyst’ of these actions/results/situations reasons which may be personal or political :). Thank you so much for acknowledging the views

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