23 JanThere Comes A Time In Everybody’s Life

  • I don’t know why all of a sudden this song just came to my mind. There comes a phase in our life when each one of us can relate to this song. It’s from the movie "kareeb". The movie didn’t do well, but the songs were loved. It’s in the list of the most romantic songs .
  • Yesterday I was talking to hubby about "Do we love just once in our lifetime?" "Does love happens just once in our life time?" We all know that not all the love stories have a happy end. If you love someone then to what extent you can go to be with the person for rest of your life
  • I have heard and seen so many relationships that at one point seem so fulfilling that you start dreaming to have that kind of relationship. But after a while you come to know that the couples are not together anymore. Most of the breakups happen because of cultural differences, family restrictions, extra marital affairs and compatibility issues .
  • I wonder that how come these obstacles force the lovers to breakup. Isn’t good for you to come out of the relationship when you see your partner not by your side in tough situations like these? What’s the guarantee that he/she will stick to you for rest of his/her life? Every relationship requires a great deal of effort to overcome certain issues that are bound to happen in our life. If you are not willing and gutsy enough to tackle the issues then how can it be love? There are a lot of questions that are cropping up in my mind. In the coming posts I will share my thoughts on the capital “C” of Commitment !

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