07 Oct“Ways to Increase the Productivity – Boost Employee Motivation Level”

The foremost key to increase productivity is to motivate your employees at a regular interval. Discover various factors that have a direct impact on the productivity of the employees. In order to have a well – organized workplace the company needs to motivate employees.


There are different forms of leadership style and every style leaves a direct impact on the employee motivation level. Every leader should show enough confidence in their employees by giving them an opportunity to prove themselves. It requires gaining employee’s confidence and acknowledging their contribution rather than imposing their own rules on them.


It’s a very common issue between most employees that they don’t get enough respect from their managers. Usually, employees tend to loose motivation when they face constant criticism and constant opposition from their management. In order to influence employees to adapt to certain behavior the management needs to treat the employees with respect by valuing them. Never use an approach of gaining control on the work force, give importance to every employee’s opinions.

Fulfill Basic needs

There are several basic needs which every management needs to fulfill. For example: Working Conditions, Salary, Yearly Bonus based on the performance level. Moreover, the management should give personal growth opportunities to every employee to upgrade their skills.

Regular Interaction

Generally, managers confine themselves in their cabins, due to which the employees hardly find any chance to maintain a connection. It’s advisable to encourage the workforce to visit their managers whenever there is a requirement. It’s important to build a relationship with your staff, both at informal and formal level. Some companies hold outings which helps both the management and the staff to build a rapport with each other.

Celebrate Together

Some companies keep a record of their employee’s birthdays or anniversaries. The management should recognize the personal accomplishments of the employees. It’s an opportunity for the management to show care towards their employees that they are a part of their personal celebration.

Regular Appraisal

It’s important to assess the performance of every employee at regular intervals. Therefore, regular positive feedback motivates the employee to gain motivation in the future. It also increases the self esteem of the employees which helps them to do even better.


In today’s ever growing environment the only thing which is constant is “Change”. Consequently, it’s vital to conduct training programs at a regular interval. These day’s companies are investing in training programs and giving importance to every employee’s professional development.

Don’t Expect Miracles

Usually, the management expects unrealistic results from the employees. Due to this the employees become the victim of workplace depression. More over, it results in decrease in the productivity level of the employees. Therefore, set realistic goals for your employees and be approachable for any kind of help. Hold regular meeting to discuss the progress of employees and also to resolve any problems which they might be facing.

Job Security

One of the main important factors to motivate the employees is to support them in every possible situation. These days lay offs are so common and it creates a sense of insecurity in the employees mind. If the management introduces any kind of new technology then discuss it with the workforce before implementing it.

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