What’s The Capital “T” of TRUST In A Relationship?

trust issues

Who to trust Who not to trust? Who to look up to? Who to despise?

  • All our lives we get trapped in our struggle to find someone we can trust blindly. How many of us find someone to whom we can rely upon knowing that your trust will never be broken. Each one of us has got hurt in some or the other relationship. And after a point we say to ourselves that we won’t trust anyone. But after a while with time you face an undeniable reality that without love there is no meaning of life. And then you end up again trusting someone all over again – fearing what if you get hurt again. But can you really love and care someone with this fear in your mind that WHAT IF? I don’t think so!
  • With the fear of an unknown how can you love someone wholeheartedly? How can you take a guarantee of the other person that he/she will never betray you? Whether it’s your friends, colleagues, love of life , relatives or family members, your relationship with each one of them will go through ups and downs. Some relationships will be lost forever, some will be by your side and some will turn into strangers. Isn’t our journey of life quite amazing?


  • At some phase of our life we get so attached to someone that you can’t even imagine living without them. But with time how drastically relationships/ people change that you can never imagine. And then in the end the blaming game starts which not only lead to the breakup of the relationship but also creates lot of bitterness.
  • The only philosophy of my life is to live in the moment.Don’t trust people easily, take your time to gain and build trust on someone? The only person you can trust blindly first is yourself. So first trust your instincts! If you want to have trust on someone then first do your part of gaining the trust of the other person. And under no circumstances never break your loved ones trust.

Every relationship starts with trust and ends because of trust issues!

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  1. Yeh its true…that first we need to trust overselves….but u need companion as well in ur life to move a head in journey…..and this trust is built with phrase “LET IT GO”

    Take Care

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