02 SepWhat’s The Fun To Get Listed On Page3 ?

page 3 parties

I was reading an article where they mentioned the ways to get on a Page 3 column. It leaves me with one question.. Why would you want to get on page 3?

These kinds of people are either – Attention Seekers or Self Obsessed personalities? If you want to be those wannabe’s then do the followings:-


If you want to be on page 3 you can even pay the party organizer.

Wear freaky clothes to get noticed.

Bring a sexy girl with you with skimpy clothes.

Flaunt your wealth in as many ways you can.

Order the most expensive drink and talk with an accent!

Crazy acts do wonders!! Especially in India a smooch is a head twister!


There are many more bizarre ways to get noticed on page 3 parties. Now you don’t have to be a celebrity to be invited to page3 parties. All you need is a loaded wallet to appear on a page 3 column!!!!


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