06 SepWhen will the news channels cover more significant social issues?

After a tiring day at work what’s the one thing which you look forward to?

    Most of us spend plenty of time in front of TV watching our favorite channel. Personally speaking I like to update myself with the latest news around the world. But for the last few months News Channel has become so depressing with so much chaos, atrocities, destruction happening everywhere.

    If there are no news related to terrorism or people dieing then the news channel cover personal lives of celebrities, telling who has has gone bankrupt or which star is admitted to a Rehab center. All the top news channels make it a point to cover any kind controversial stories related to the celebrities. Last time when Thousands of people were dieing in the Iraq war during that time news of Britney spears loosing her mind was being aired.

    It’s quite appalling to witness news channel broadcasting the divorce proceedings of Britney Spears and peeping inside her privacy. Why can’t we leave the celebrities alone and let them get over their emotional breakdown. There is one more incident which I remember when the Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai got married to Abhishek Bachan. Every single channel was contending to get pictures but thanks to the stringent security, no media was allowed to take a sneak look. All they got was just a single picture which all the channels were airing after every 5 minutes.

    It’s quite exasperating, when there are many other vital issues affecting “we the citizen” but all the news channel are more concerned about – what designer wear Aaish and Abhi wore on their wedding or who all were invited and who were not. And then on top of it giving their superfluous opinions on why Amitabh Bachan didn’t invite so and so celebrity.

I would like the media to focus on vital aspects of life:-

  • Create social awareness about the history and telecast inspiring documentaries to influence people on how can we help needy people

  • Something about education- On how we the common people can take initiative at an individual level to educate poor people.

  • Motivating today’s youth in the fields of sports and getting sponsorships for them.

  • There are hundreds of issues that needs to be covered on a daily basis.

One Response to “When will the news channels cover more significant social issues?”

  1. manas mishra says:

    haa..h…….News channels..i think now this term even should be defined with different meaning. Usually I dont get time to watch all this but there are many incidents when I came across these.though i am not a regular spectator but still I get to see some of the great laughter show or wired news,even the worst actors of the country on these in form of news reader.Plus all about news were there above in the blog. what to say……just other than saying as a program in MTV says about these WHAT THE F***

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