19 JanWho Is Behind Barack Obama’s Influential Speeches?

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· Today I came to know about a startling truth! Hold On Hold On. I am sure there are millions of people out there who got taken away by the way some of the most influential politicians speak. I really got inclined towards some of the politicians like :

· Martin Luther King “I have a dream”

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· Winston Churchill “We shall fight them on the beaches”

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· Winston Churchill “Blood Sweat and Tears”

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· President Kennedy “Man on the moon”

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· BUT BUT Little did I know that they didn’t write their own speeches. Isn’t it weird for “We the people” who choose their politicians based on their ideas and plans they share in their speeches. The public form their opinion based on the speeches they watch during the campaign. The politicians share their plans, ideas through their speeches and we vote based on the politicians that touch our heart through their speeches.

· When the speeches and ideas are written by other people then how can we form our trust and faith on some particular politicians who are so detached from their speeches? There were some president’s who didn’t even meet their speech writers.

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· Needless to say, the speeches delivered during the elections plays an integral part in choosing the one you want to vote for. All of us have recently witnessed how Barack Obama’s speeches played a vital role in his historical win to be the first African – American President of America. He reminded me of Martin Luther King, who used to write his own speeches. Since the time he has been elected to be the next President of America, everybody has been asking the same question “when Barack Obama is swearing in ? Your long awaited curiosity will be over tomorrow- On 20th Jan Barack Obama is swearing in .

· Each one of us are looking forward to hearing his Inaugural speech, after all the the first impression makes a lot of difference. We have witnessed how marvelously Barack Obama delivers his speeches that leave the spectators with goose bumps. His compelling speech hes during the campaign prompted most of the Journalists to declare the win of Barack Obama months before the results of the elections were declared. His magnifecent speeches not only brings the whole nation together but also create a sense of hope that things can change for better in his presdency. Indeed it’s true that Barack Obama has a speechwriter! Now the million dollar question is that who is the one behind Barack Obama’s influential speeches ?

· Who is the speech writer for Barack Obama ? He is Jon Favreau a 26 years old guy who is entitled for Barack Obama’s Speeches! Indeed it’s true that Obama has a speech writer but he makes sure that he contributes his ideas in his speeches. Jon Favreau sits with him and writes his ideas and in the end he reshapes it into the final product. Does that imply that Jon Favreau played an important role in shaping Obama as an influential politician? I guess Yes! I am sure all of you have been eagerly waiting to watch Obama’s swearing in Speech. I am anticipating a yet another influential and an electrifying speech by Obama on 20th Jan. A round of applause in advance;) I’am sure his speech will be well received, provided it introduces a sense of relief for the whole nation who has been going through a tough time.

Do you think its right for politicians to hire a speech writer? If Yes then why? (Except that they are over occupied in handling other issues)

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  1. priyojeet says:

    Well – I think you also have to consider that there are other people behind the scene apart from Jon Favreau. Its David Axelrod who is considered as Obama’s right hand man. Its David Plouffe who was his campaign manager. I think these people not only would vet the speeches but provide considerable input as well.
    There are a lot of people who think about all this. And I am sure his wife who he always says is her inspiration surely has a word to say.
    So it just might be a team of people behind all of this.

    Also just to tell you David Axelrod is considered a Guru – he is the man behind Clinton’s successfull campaigns. He chose Obama over Clinton this time but he is truly a genius.

    So now that we have a new President in America! Someone who hopefully will change the world!

  2. A few more points on the conversation about speeches.
    People can check

    This is a gallery of pictures of Obama with his closest aides – David Axelrod is sitting. The process speeches!

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