Who Says Women Want To Date Rich Men?

Who Says Women Want Rich Men?

The way Women ponder what Men want in the same way Men contemplate what women want, personally speaking you will never understand in words. You need to be in a relationship to understand what men want. It’s not about getting married to the right person; it’s just matter of reaching to a point where you understand each other’s wants or expectations.

Before you start reading my generalization about what women want, be advised that I can’t speak out for every single woman on earth! I respect and understand the likings or disliking’s of every individual. The core expectations of any relationship whether it’s with your family members, friends or with your partner are love, trust and care. I won’t be talking about these at all!!

  • Before a woman start a relationship the one factor that attracts her towards the guy is the way she looks around for him. It’s that emotional bond that will keep her coming back to you.
  • There are little- little things that you can do to make your woman feel special. Sometimes it’s nice to go on a walk and talk about things that matters to her. It can be anything that interests her, it’s important to be a good listener as well as a good participant. Know about her likings, for example if she is into sports then go ahead and join her over the weekend where you can watch her play. Overall, try to have a conversation where she can open up.
  • Surprise her – Pick her up from her office, she would love to see you after a long hectic day.
  • Who doesn’t like to be pampered? – Off course the way to men’s heart is through his stomach but why can’t this statement be also true for women. Find out her favorite dish; cook something for her which she specifically loves.  Lighten up the whole place with candles. And this is it! Just wait to see a smile on her face!
  • Be well dressed – Who doesn’t appreciate and get attracted towards a well – dressed personality? It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a Armani suit to impress her. Stick to simplicity, it will surely impress her.
  • Just Little Expressions – Women love lovely little expressions which are often ignored by men. Talk to her and see what she likes. The key lies in making her feel important and special.
  • Connect through her soul – All of us have something in us that just belongs to us and we are too afraid or reluctant to share it with others. Once you reach out to that side of her, she will be all yours.
  • Don’t rush into the so called “Intimate Mode”- It’s a common perception that men want more physical intimacy than women, but it’s totally wrong. Women also want intimate moments the way men want. Any relationship requires physical intimacy; the only factor that counts is the commitment and emotional bond between the couples. Always remember you need to have an emotional intimacy before you develop a physical intimacy!
  • Respect her dreams – Women are more inclined towards those men who respect their individuality. In today’s life people choose partners based on their profession and earnings. You need to give an equal priority to her career path the way you give to yours. Never criticize her choice of career, encourage her instead. If due to some reason she is struggling in her career, try to inspire her and help her out in her career goals by offering her required assistance.
  • Be confident of the way you are – Women don’t fancy overconfident bravado, a complete show off or an arrogant personality. Women respect the individuality of a man and adore confident men. Be humble of your achievements in life and don’t try to be overbearing!
  • These are just basic suggestions to impress women and make her fall in love with you. Just wait to see how she will yearn for you.

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    1. I definitely agree to the above post. We should be careful with what we want and consider the feelings of each other.

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