Why Do Guys Hate To Loose From Girls?

girls vs guys

• Let’s face facts here, guys find it hard to accept any kind of defeat from girls. Basically, guys consider sports to be their kingdom and when they find girls to be a part of their kingdom it hurts their ego badly.

• Why do guys think that they are invincible when it comes to Girls Vs Guys. I know lot of guys who think that guys dominate girls in sports.

• I personally love playing badminton and I take it very seriously! Whenever I play badminton against guys and take points from them. I notice guys passing comments at my apposition group saying “oh a girl is taking points from you shame on you” Or “A chick beat you” The intension behind this is simple that it’s degrading for guys to loose from girls.

• I do accept the fact that guys participate more in sports than girls. The place I play badminton you will hardly find 3-4 girls compared to over 40 guys. But whatever the statistics suggest, still you will find some female competitors who have what it takes to make their presence felt.

• Needless to say, guys hate it when they see girls overpowering them in sports. Why do guys think that girls are not competitive enough to be taken seriously? Why a guy find it hard to believe when they get defeated by a girl.

• The kind of perception towards any game shouldn’t be categorized based on the gender. Why it’s hard for guys to take girls seriously? The only factor that appeals to me is the challenge posed by the competitor.

• Irrespective of the gender, I enjoy playing with anybody no matter it’s a male or female, younger to me or elder to me. I have no qualms in saying that the majority of the guys are stereotypes and they are not willing to give respect and credit to female competitors who have what it takes to pose competition.

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  1. Dear Pooja, our society is male dominated.
    Even though time has changed, girls compete with boys in every field and females are occupying higher posts, even than somewhere in males’ mind, they feel down when defeated by girls and are annoyed in their inner mind.

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