09 AugMean People At Work

Mean people at work are always hard to handle; though there are always some tips to handle mean people at work or mean people in your daily life.

Why some people are so mean?

This is not the first time I am wondering about this topic. I have met so many ignoble personalities in my life (I am not complaining) just telling in general! But at the same time I did meet some people who have gone out of the way to help others.

I have some questions

  • Why some people are not willing to help?
  • Have you ever felt hesitant to help your co worker whenever he/she asked for help?
  • Have you ever thought twice before giving helping notes to your friend’s? Have you wondered that I put in so much effort in making the study notes and now you have to share it with someone?
  • Have you ever felt waffled to help your co – worker, friend, neighbors or anyone?
  • Have you ever met someone who is arrogant! When you look around you tend to find some people who are not welcoming at all. They themselves won’t say “hello” but wait for the other person to greet first! err weird people you see;)
  • You never help someone until and unless you see your personal interest getting served!

These are just few examples that usually happens in our day to day lives. If you have experienced any of the above conditions then that doesn’t make you a bad person but YES it does make you someone who is unsecured and think that the other person can be a threat to him/her.

So I keep asking this same question that why some people are so mean?

Does it takes a lot of effort to smile or to be friendly with people we know or don’t know! Here I don’t mean getting friendly with a stranger! In case you don’t get along with someone even then you can just pass a smile. The world will be a better place to live if we try to be polite instead of being selfishly mean. Sometimes small gestures like asking “how is your family” or “how are you doing?” can make the other person feel needed. So from now onwards change your approach, give a welcoming look with a cheerful smile and just dump your weird attitude.

  • If someone is in need then help them willingly, whether the other person has helped you in the past or not.
  • At least you will have a satisfaction level that you helped him/ her  irrespective of he/she being deserving.
  • That’s my philosophy of life. Am not saying that’s the right mantra of life. I am sure not many people follow this approach.

I know people do get hurt when they get treated badly especially from someone they have expectations. And from my life experiences I myself confess that there are lots of people who are mean! But I do know handful of people who are quite helping, always willing to help as much they can. I know one lady who is genuinely very helping and once I asked her “why are you always willing to go out of the way to help me”. She said “Whatever I have learned from my experience if that knowledge can help others then I should feel worthy of helping others.Sharing” is a feeling that helps you to grow in life!

Alright guys that’s all for now, time to hit the bed! I just hope that all of us will be a little more helpful, cheerful and friendly in our day to day lives.

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  1. Why are people so mean?

    I’ve wondered, too, and after awhile thought perhaps it was selfishness or fear of loss, fear of being inconvenienced or maybe uncomfortable.

    If my daughter needed help, I’d do anything including sell the house and empty the accounts, if it was needed. Given the opportunity, I’d exchange my life for hers without hesitation.

    But then, I was annoyed if some lesser important relationship person, like a boss, imposed on me; same sort of question you posed.

    My heart change came in Africa. After living around the world, literally, I found myself working in Africa where we were adopted by local folks. The website tells some of the story if you’re interested.

    You have an interesting blog, by the way. Beating guys at badminton is pretty cool for a girl; you sound like my daughter. 🙂

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