15 JulA Tight Slap For Those Men Who Demand Virginity Test From Women.

say no to virginity test

A row has broken out in the central state of Madhya Pradesh after some 151 girls were ordered to take the tests.

The results showed 15 girls were pregnant.

These brides were then excluded from a mass ceremony in Shahdol.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan denied they had carried out “virginity tests” and said the girls had simply undergone “procedural medical examinations”.

However, his argument has not convinced the state opposition or women’s rights groups, who have expressed outrage.

Witnesses said the women had to queue up before undergoing an extensive physical examination by a female doctor.

One of the brides, who did not want to be identified, said: “At first I refused to go through with the test, but an officer told me I would not be allowed inside the marriage hall unless the doctor declared me eligible.

“The only way I could be eligible was by taking test …The doctor manually examined me.”

Mass weddings paid for by the state are part of a welfare scheme started in 2006.

And in the last three years, 88,460 such marriages have been conducted in Madhya Pradesh.

Under the scheme, unmarried, widowed, divorced or abandoned women from poor families who have found a prospective spouse are married in groups and paid the equivalent of £84.

However, poverty and in some cases greed has led some already-married couples to pretend to take part and collect the money.

  • What exactly is the reason behind most men giving preference to a virgin while dating or getting married? (Here I will refer to the majority of men out there.)
  • How important is to know whether the girl is a virgin?
  • What difference it’s going to make in their future relationship?
  • Will it make any difference in the perspective of men on how they would perceive women?
  • Why we have never heard of men going through the same medical examination?

Research suggests that most men won’t go for someone who had the same kind of sexual life.
They consider marriage as a pure institution and relate virginity as something they regard as “pure”.
Moreover, men usually have the desire to be dominating in bed. So marrying a virgin will give them a high?
And if a woman is a virgin she won’t be comparing her man with anybody else.. as she has never encountered any sexual experience in her life? This way there will be no competition or comparison for a man with other men.. jeez at least for some period;)

One of the most interesting question that pops up in my mind is – If a medical examination will be a must for “We the women” then how many of us will go through the test. No matter what will be the reasoning behind refusing the virginity test… I am sure 95% women will find it insulting and will not go ahead with it

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  1. sourav bose says:

    Do you really think virginity should not be a issue for people especially men? Let me ask you what will your husband think of you if you were not a virgin before marriage? Try to mail me your answer. I am eager to hear from you.

  2. vishnu says:

    Exactly what your wife would think of you if you are not a virgin before marriage !! If both are virgins, it’s alright, if none is, it’s alright, but no one should bully the other over it, especially if they themselves have had previous sexual experience, they should ask the one who has not had it if they are ok with it or not, irrespective of gender.

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