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Myself Puja Brahmi. I always find myself too immersed in my thoughts about life in general. Do you feel the same? If Yes then Join Me! Come along and share your story which you are dying to share with someone. I love to talk about topics like Relationships, Politics, Social Cause, Society, Influential Documentaries, Music, Movies and most of all how can we contribute our little bit of effort in helping people who are in need.

The Internet has provided all of us a medium to start our own personal web pages . It provides us with an easy medium to interact through blogging with the rest of the world and share our professional and personal experiences.

Profession – Teacher




  • First and the foremost is that am an INDIAN – Rather proud to be an Indian. I was born and was brought up in Delhi – but presently I stay out of India and have traveled to a few countries for further growth opportunities!
  • So now let’s talk about what I do – There is no particular thing which I do as a profession. Actually, there are many things I am involved in – like I love to design clothes.
  • I’m a fervent writer which gives me the freedom to talk about certain issues which our society is facing. Questions about life in general, share my life experiences and to provide any information which might help other people.
  • What I strongly believe about is to help needy people in whichever form you can. Since I was a child I always experienced an immense urge to feed poor people. When I look back there are so many perturb incidents which aroused me to do even more.

God Bless You All

Take Care



1) The craziest thing I have ever done
Once when I was a kid I cut myself with a blade and let myself bleed thinking It can help me to reduce weight!!!

2) My best trait

Love to beat guys in badminton.

3) My worst trait
Can’t pretend something which I’m not.

4) If I get 1 million bucks how would I blow it up in one day?
Will pay off all my EMI’s and then will sponsor the education of as many poor children as I can.

5) What makes me laugh?
Funny animal and cute kids videos. And when you hear people lying and you know the truth;)

6) One bad habit which I want to get rid of
I am a big time foodie

7) If I go back in history, which period I would like to live in
I love to live in the present.

8) My favorite ghar ka khana
Fish and prawn curry, Chicken biryani, shahi paneer with methi ka parantha.

9) Two guests I would love to invite for dinner and why?
My best friend Sunita Biddu and ….hmm umm hmm again her !

10) What would I wear on a hot date… which I will never go;)
A Black outfit

11) Where would I like to go on my dream date
It doesn’t matter much if you have your love by your side, but a beachside dinner at night would be a great idea. Nature is something that attracts me the most.

12) What makes me lose my temper
Mean people, hypocrisy and liarssss

13) My guilty passion/secret
Dark chocolate 89 %%%

14) What is the last book I read and liked it and why?
The loss of inheritance. The reason I liked is that it depicts the emotions one goes through during immigration.

15) My worst nightmare
To lose my front teeth.

16) I get bored when
I don’t get to play badminton when I don’t have access to the internet.

17) The sexiest man I like
Virat Kohli and Bono.

18) My favorite city in the world
New Delhi, New York

19) My favorite music

U2, Led zeplin, Pink Floyd, Celine dion, Sting, Old Hindi songs.

20) My favorite books

  • Fountainhead
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Shantaram
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • The Monk
  • War and Peace
  • Remembrance of Things Past
  • A Handful of Dust
  • The Outsider
  • To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Everything That Rises Must Converge
  • The Child in Time
  • Life is a Caravanserai
  • Veronika Decides to Die
  • The God of Small Things
  • The Devil and Miss Prym
  • The Alchemist
  • Autobiography Of A Yogi
  • The Inheritance of Loss
  • A Suitable Boy
  • The God of Small Things.
  • Interpreter of Maladies
  • “Nobody’s Business”
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Lolita
  • Midnight’s Child
  • The Satanic Verses
  • Shalimar the Clown

21) My favorite dogs

German shepard, St. Bernard, Labrador

22) My dream place that I havent visited as yet

Paris, Maldives

23) People I hate/ despise

Money minded people, Arrogant, Liars, Coward, Mean

24) People I idealize

My mother

25) My ambition

There are many! To be a well-respected teacher, fashion designer, and a novelist!

26) My favorite colors

Black,Sky blue, Pink.

27) Things I love to do in my free time

Express my thoughts on my blog, Play badminton, decorate the house, reading, teaching and the most cherished one is playing with my son “Joshua”.

28) People I die for

True friends, my family

30) My favorite sports

Badminton, Football, Lawn Tennis.

31) Sun Sign – Cancerian
32) Date of Birth –  1979, Delhi born
33) T.V
Love – Infotainment – I can watch documentaries all day all night long.
Hate – Saaaaaasssss bahuuuuuu serials n all the bitchy acts!
34) People I love
Those who want to explore new things and want to talk about their life experiences.
Those who want to help needy people.
Those who are loyal to their relationships and value their family.
Those who are honest and hard working and have an aim for life.

35) What I wonder

I wonder how people keep on falling in love and out of love.
I wonder why Indian women are forced to get married and get pressurized by the society.
I wonder why women need to dump their family members after getting married.
I wonder why we don’t have many inspiring teachers.
I wonder why money is so important and people leave their family the most cherished possession and move to other countries to have a hefty bank balance.
I wonder why women are expected to make all the sacrifices and still live in misery.
I wonder why a woman can’t have a child and fulfill the desire of being a mother and not necessarily have a married label in order to get accepted in the society.

36) Something that I want but can’t do
Is to run away and travel.

37) What attracts me the most in any person.
Kindness, fearless and honesty.

38) Things that heal me.
My family
Is being strong and not to give a shit about anyone who I don’t value.
Good food
Playing badminton

40) What I am not

I am not Forgiving
I never forget things easily
So once I am done I am done. Nobody can change my stubborn nature.
I am not pretentious, sometimes we need to be in the working world and in your personal life too. If I don’t like someone I find it hard to deal with liars, backstabbers and all evil people out there.
I can’t cage my mind no matter you like it or not. In a nutshell, I can’t kiss ass to please anyone, I can’t tolerate injustice and I can’t stop myself from telling the truth with facts.

41) What I am bad at

Expressing my love through words.

42) Philosophy of my life

I never hurt anyone intentionally.

I never allow liars to be in my life.

If you hurt me once..I will forgive..if you hurt me twice I will forgive again… but, then if you hurt me again.. I will cut you out of my life..once n for all.

If you fish with me; maybe I will forgive twice, but if you fish with my family then you better run for your life!

43) Things that bug me about men.

Flirtatious Men. No offence! meant but I hate all men out there!

Men wearing Jewelry

Men not taking care of their parents/family

Men who give preference to their career over their loved ones

Men who keep on switching over from one girl to another!

Men who are materialistic.

44) My biggest weakness

Can’t forget and forgive.



  1. You look so beautiful , somewhat young but perfect. Flirtatious men are not all equal, being interesting can be close but necessary to attract a female. I think your personalty can be flirtatious by being attractive and sweet. Yes, perhaps you meant physically? That is different! Agree.

  2. You are a multi talented person. Your writing is like a flowing small river in which water flows very fast and touch small stones and then overflow. There is a natural music in this. No instrument can play this. Very glad to notice you as I was searching for a romantic love letter ! I could not find anything of my liking. Then I noticed your post on the right hand side. I read all about you. You are an admirable woman with a golden heart. Your help to the needy is highly appreciable. And about dress design: Did you learn it or it came to you as a gift from God.

    I am based in Delhi but I am into coal mining in Meghalaya and Nagaland.

    Hope you may find time to get in touch so we can share ideas of mutual interest. I also share some of your interests.

  3. You are so much of inspiration

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