24 FebAdventure Ride For Aging Men

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  • Isn’t it funny on how aging men are always looking for young women to re- evoke their sexual desires. Maybe it’s a sign that even Viagra can’t do it’s work! No matter you get to sleep with how many young women but at the end of the day you still look like the girl’s grandfather . There can’t be any explanation of justifying your relationship, when it comes to young women getting hooked with older men ( Way older ) and vice versa. In 99.9% cases like these either of the party is tremendously rich. It’s pretty evident on what can be the motive behind cavorting with a partner of your kid’s age.

  • The fact which is more heartbreaking is the person who goes through the betrayal in the relationship. The very live example is the recent story of Ronnie Wood (an English rock guitarist and bassist best known as a member of The Rolling Stones and Faces). He has broken his 23 years old marriage with Jo Wood for a 19 years old Russian girl. How painful it can get for any women who raised the kids, taken care of the family and always supported his husband in all the rough times? For the men who is now running after a girl who is of his daughter’s age? I am sure there are hundreds of celebrities and common people who put everything on stake for what? for rekindling their sexual life.

    Ronnie wood has always struggled with drugs and alcohol addiction. So what?

  • He is not the first person or a celebrity who has gone overboard with his success. I find it extremely exasperating on how people justify their actions. In today’s fast pace life each one of us is going through some or the other kind of struggle. Indeed life will throw challenges on you and there will be times when you will be a victim of depression, stress, alcohol or drugs. But that doesn’t mean that you defend your actions by hurting your loved ones.

  • At the age of 61 Ronnie should be guiding his children on how to lead a fulfilling life instead of his kids running after him in pubs to keep him away from an overdose of alcohol. Needless to say, you will only find handful of celebrities who have become famous and still maintain their humble nature towards their friends, family, society and their fans.

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  1. hubby says:

    The fact is that I was a huge Ron Wood fan not only as a person but as a musician. He was always chilled and very much a “happy go lucky” person. But this has let me down. People who such big celebs do have a responsibility not just to record good albums but to maintain that awe and respect. Case in point Keith, Bono, Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney,


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