21 DecAjmal Kasab’s New Thought Out Bizarre Statement Continues

Everyday, there is a new episode to the Ajmal Kasab confessions. Sometimes it sounds hilarious on how Ajmal Kasab jaw dropping made up testimonies leave the court wondering what’s his next intention and motive.

Ajmal Kasab’s new build up confessions can literally make him a psychopathic maniac

  • I wasn’t the one at CST, my look alike
  • I don’t know how to use an AK-47
  • I came to Mumbai 20 days before 26/11 to watch movies
  • I came by Samjhauta Express to Delhi with valid passport, visa
  • Kasab claimed David Headley was among 4 FBI agents who questioned him

The case has gone bizarre with the above statements by Ajmal Kasab. Ram gopal Verma can actually make a movie out of it!

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