03 FebAn Ongoing Battle Against Islamic Terrorists Groups – Gaza – Israel Conflict

israel gaza attacks

  • In the last few days I wanted to talk about Israel – Gaza conflict. Regardless of in which part of the world we live in still we have our opinions and views against or in favor of those countries who are being a victim of terrorism . All of us view the attacks with an utter sense of sadness and thought. Unfortunately, you can’t conclude by saying that Israel is right in attacking Hamas and vice versa. As there are thousands of innocent civilians on both the sides who die and become victims of the politically motivated extremist elements.
  • Both the countries are fighting for their own motives and reasons. Let’s face facts – All of us are well aware about the situation as to who was the one who instigated the war? Every country defends its people and that’s what Israel government did – (Unlike our Indian government). In the news all of us witness more and more people dieing in Gaza – Indeed it’s heartbreaking to witness innocent children and women dieing. Who should be blamed for it? Without any doubt Hamas terrorists groups are responsible for this condition, as their main motive is DESTRUCTION . To understand the current situation you need to go back into the history and interpret the facts and figures.
  • No matter how strong you are as a country, it takes guts to retaliate knowing the consequences of calling out for a war where your own people will also die. It’s not an easy decision for any government to opt for a war. Till now Israel has clearly succeeded in demolishing most of the Hamas extremist groups weapons BUT there is a lot more to be taken care of. The center leadership of Hamas is based on destruction of Israel. I Guess in order to gain ”Peace” you need to have mutual understanding. The number of “ Islamic terrorists Attacks ” continues! There will always be “Islamist Attacks ” in some or the other country.I am all for – whichever country comes forward to retaliate against Islamic Terrorism.
  • We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours ( To Anwar Sadat just before peace talks.)  Golda Meir Quote
  • I guess it says it all. I will write more about it in the coming posts. There is a lot to be aware of as to what’s the root cause of these attacks. Just by seeing on which side innocent civilians are dieing more – One can’t take the side of that particular country.

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