05 OctAnkhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se – Dedicating To My Stupid Hubby

There are hundreds of love songs. Every couple always has one of their favourite romantic songs which they can relate to with their emotions. If you are in “Love” then this song will definitely touch your heart.

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Here it comes –
One of the most romantic songs-  Without any doubt it’s –     Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se.

  • Directed By- Hiren Nag
  • Music By- Ravindra Jain
  • Distributed By- Rajshri Productions
  • Release date- 1978
  • Main Stars – Sachin, Ranjeeta Kaur

The Lyrics Of Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se

Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se Maine Dekha Jo Saanware
Tum Door Nazar Aaye Badi Door Nazar Aaye
Band Karke Jharokhon Ko Zara Baithee Jo Sochne
Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye Man Mein Tumhi Muskaye
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se

Ek Man Tha Mere Paas Woh Ab Khone Laga Hai
Paakar Tujhe Hai Mujhe Kuchh Hone Laga Hai
Ek Tere Bharose Pe Sab Baithee Hoon Bhool Ke
Yoon Hi Umar Guzar Jaye Tere Saath Guzar Jaye
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se…

Jeeti Hoon Tujhe Dekh Ke Marti Hoon Tumhi Pe
Tum Ho Jahan Saajan Meri Duniya Hai Wahin Pe
Din Raat Dua Maange Mera Man Tere Waaste
Kabhi Apni Ummeedon Ka Kahin Phool Na Murjhaye
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se…

Maein Jab Se Tere Pyar Ke Rangon Mein Rangi Hoon
Jaagte Hue Soi Nahin Neendon Mein Jagi Hoon
Mere Pyar Bhare Sapne Kahin Koi Na Chheen Le
Man Soch Ke Ghabraye Yahi Soch Ke Ghabraye
Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se…

4 Responses to “Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se – Dedicating To My Stupid Hubby”

  1. manas mishra says:

    I am not sure what to write here as this is not the topic where i should speak.I was attempting to write over your serioul killer topic as i liked that a lot and looking forward to get the full one. but later distracted by some things while posting my comments and could not write it.
    Anyways,here its nice to see the way of expression of feelings. for me,this song always had been a fearfull song.I dont know why but it always brought me a strange fear and that is why I dont hear it. But I really liked the way you here put used your skills in the creation of the ambience.I really appreciate that.I always love emotions and for that kudos to you.Keep it up. HOPE TO SEE SUCH A WORK AGAIN WITH A DIFFERENT AND NEW IDEA.

  2. Pooja.Brahmi says:

    Whenever I’m short of words to express my love to hubby or whenever there are some differences all I do is play this song. Rest the lyrics of this son do for me!!!

    I will write more about The Serial Killer topic. I have always been fascinated towards the psychology of the criminals.

  3. gauravkapoor says:

    sending my first comment for your site on the most Complex of all issues– LOVE— does anyone could say for sure that he/she understands what love stands for???? all the songs all the lyrics, so many books, so many movies, so many lives, husbands and wives, all the archives, and yet no satisfactory answer to what is LOVE…………….

    But when words can not express, the eyes surely could– so let the eyes speak —- and dont let the eyes kill– ankhiyon sey Goli maarey– that is the psychology of female killers!

  4. aarti balodi says:

    i m dedicating this song to my husband because he love this song.

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