Are Beautiful Girls Just About Make Up And Breakups?

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· I remember a discussion with one of my friend on how beautiful girls and average looking girls think differently and how men perceive them. He said that average looking girls don’t flirt around much because they know that they are just average looking and if they flirt around then that can hamper their reputation. On the other hand, beautiful girls are more in demand and even if they flirt around still they will get loads of proposals at their doorstep.

· Secondly, average looking girls are easy to approach and have no hang ups. On the contrary, beautiful girls are surrounded by many offers after all beauty rules. Thirdly, average looking girls are less demanding and are willing to compromise. They are satisfied with what they have, unlike beautiful girls who crave for more materialistic things and never compromise with anything.

· Average girls are more caring not like beautiful girls who are self obsessed with their looks and makeup. And in the end he said most of all average girls are more committed to the relationship than beautiful girls. Therefore, men feel more secured with average looking girls because beautiful girls are surrounded by more offers all the time.

· My reaction to my friend :- First and the foremost thing is that it’s ridiculous to categorize beautiful girls Vs Average Looking Girls . Every girl is beautiful in her own way. There is no point in differentiating between "so called" Average Looking Girls and Beautiful Girls. But still I would like to share my response to my friend who raised this conversation.  Firstly, What girls think and how they think has nothing to do with their outer beauty. Every girl has different opinions, thoughts, values, dreams, wants and desires. It has nothing to do with their personality.

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· Both average looking girls and beautiful girls look for a loving partner who is loyal, caring and responsible towards his family. If any girl chooses to flirt around and have a time pass affair then it’s entirely because of the kind of choice, outlook she has towards life and relationships. You can’t judge anyone just based on what kind of choices they make in life.

· And as far as commitments and compromises are concerned, again it depends on your perspective towards life. If a girl is in love with some guy then all the 3 C’s will come naturally. (Compromises, Commitments, Care ). You can win any girls heart and be with her for rest of your life only if your love is unconditional. Therefore, it’s absurd to think that men feel more secured with average looking girls than beautiful girls.

· I want to share one more incident. There is one uncle who once was talking to my brother about this wedding he attended. He was like the wedding was organized beautifully and the girl’s family spend a lot of money in organizing the event. Then after a while he went to the extent of saying – No matter how much they spend and have entertained their guests in the most lavish way BUT BUT The girl was not beautiful at all. The minute he said that I raised my eyebrows and said that it’s completely presumptuous to have an opinion like that. What difference it’s going to make whether the girl is average looking or beautiful.

· He questioned me “for you what matters?” I said all that matters is the nature of the girl. He smiled sarcastically and said “I know they had to spend a lot on the wedding because their daughter was not beautiful” I was disgusted with his statement and said I guess for you marriage is just a business deal. You will choose a proposal based on how much money you can make. I gave him a sickened expression and just walked away. I guess in today’s time men don’t just run for beauty. May be its different when it’s just for time pass affair or dating then it’s a different case. But when it comes to a long term commitment then men need more than just beauty. Irrespective of what I have written above still you will find thousands of marriage proposals stating " Extremely Beautiful, Fair, Slim, Working and Rich Girl Wanted! Am I Right? All I can say that those men who think like this don’t deserve to be your partner. And those men who blame their family that they will find a proposal for them – then they are not capable of taking a stand of their own. So how can any girl entrust her whole life to this kind of man?

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  1. Wait a minute here – i do not agree. I dont think there is something called an average looking or good looking. I think its the nature of people which is different. But you are right on most of the issues. Now for example my wife. I think she is adorable, beautiful and very cool. But she also is very caring to poor people and old people. She loves animals! Makes me a very Happy MAN! But it breaks the theory that good looking women are not caring.
    These stupid stereotypes which this shallow society has created. And I think we should not just stick to them

  2. hah……Well,I don’t know what an average looking or what an beautiful girl is. I am yet single and so far as I know, it varies. I mean I don’t find a girl ugly(untill she proves it by herself) but it is also not like its delight to watch them. But yeah,sometimes it happens that you see a girl and it feels like whether to watch her or to run away to kill the intrigue, created inside me.(of course,it has nothing to do with orgasm.)for example,world declares every year most beautiful lady of the earth but I never found any such women heart throbbing. and women those I find soothing, a lot of people don’t feel to talk to them.
    But eventually,what matters at least for me,is that whether she is caring or not. Caring towards the job she is doing, caring towards the sociaty, caring towards her environment and most importantly, caring towards herself. for me thats what matters most.
    Make up, break up is her personal choice and it is a common thing. I don’t think it has any way reflects any of her qualities.Its all just about fettles and it could happen with anyone.
    So looks does not matter on the whole( yeah,to some extent it matters,lets accept the reality) if you are not a desperado. Beauty is an eternal thing and that is why most beautiful women on earth is somewhere around you,not in the TV or films.

  3. Hi, I believe the inner beauty is important then others. But for you I will suggest, Never leave the things unanswered, perhaps u have not read “Match required for Young, Smart, Green card holder, Foreign settled, Own car, House, The only son, Income in 6 figures” It seems you are biased, the same story from boys side also, I can not face the world saying “look I am good by heart ,what if I don’t have money, What if I am not good looking, what if I am not expressive, what if I am not young, what if I am ugly, Please love me …..Please love me ….. Please somebody come and accept me….ha ha ha dramatic??? Yeas it is, but it is the fact…. Even my wife loves me, if I have some commercial value. May be you will say it is your particular case, but you can’t close your eyes, I know there are no takers for this truth, but this is prevailing and applicable to everybody. I am writing this for you to introspect yourself, if really we love unconditionally??? It is big question mark just think over it……

    Next thing…. My dear, love is always unconditional but you are mistaken by the LOVE prevailing in our worlds. Love always mean CONDITIONS in our world, If it is not so there would not be conditions for marriage rituals, If you have attended rituals, just to tell you there are seven conditions which both, the boy and girl has to promise then only the marriage happens, the same in Christianity and same in Muslims. So there some conditions which both the parties have to fulfill. So far as unconditional love is concerned, I can love Qutub Minar or taj mahal. It does not make a difference.

    Now talk about so called “Unconditional LOVE” Have you ever thought, why a man or a girl falls in love ….. I am sure you have never paid a least head to it before writing ……. Yes, we look for qualities in each other….. If these qualities are not CONDITIONS????…. THINK OVER IT .

  4. Relax Relax !!!!

    This post is written keeping a particular issue in mind. I completely agree with you that there are many people who are after “Rich men” for their daughters! I will talk about this in my future posts for sure.

    Secondly, you asked me what is unconditional love! Touch question. In fact, this is not the first time I am wondering about it but in the past I have though about it several times.

    As far as the rituals are concerned I don’t really believe in them. The only thing I can say about my unconditional love towards my hubby is that I will stand by him in any kind of situation. We have been through rough and tough times and good times.

    And now about the “six figure salary proposals” are concerned” Life is full of challenges whether on the personal front or at a professional level. Nothing is permanent! Searching a match just based on just financial background is ridiculous. Luckily, my family didn’t have to give those rubbish adds in the newspapers. As it was a love marriage.

  5. Hey Manas,

    So looks does not matter on the whole( yeah,to some extent it matters,lets accept the reality) if you are not a desperado. Beauty is an eternal thing and that is why most beautiful women on earth is somewhere around you,not in the TV or films.

    (Interesting Hmm Hmm)

    To some extent it matters..! righto?!

  6. hi,
    well all this thing about inner beauty and all this comes much later.. majority of the guys in todays world before even taking a look in the mirror themselves want girlfriends who are fair and cute and some1 he would be walking beside not because of inner qualities but coz of the fact that others looking at the couple wud want some one like her someone who he has!…
    i am not saying everyone is after good looks… to a lot of people the person matters right from the beginning… but thats less in number…
    the thing is maturity counts… even i would want to have a good looking guy but ofcourse i woud also want him to b honest loyal and caring… to me more than looks its the presetation which matters…. coz looks are something that is god gifted… self grooming is something which is in our hands… its important that you take care of yourself love yourself and you will automatically look good…
    when we grow up we realize how unimportant looks are its the person which matters at the end and so before anyone compares who is good looking and who isnt they should realize they are looking for a companion not a maniquent for show!

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