28 JulBeing Ambitious Is Just Not Enough

To Be Ambitious
I won’t just talk about dreaming of success, no dreams are fulfilled until and unless it’s packed with a plan and a course of action. After all one need to do a lot more than “Hoping” or “Wishing”

Dreaming about “something” is quite comforting isn’t it but…….
When you dream about a goal be very sure that you don’t set unrealistic goals, otherwise it can lead to demotivation and in the end the chances of you quitting will be far more than you excelling.

You Are Never Too Old to Kick start Your Career
I have heard so many people talking about their dreams in a disappointing way. Most of them were old and felt bad that they never could reach the level they had dreamt of. And now they accept it as their destiny and move on with life.

Each one of us has dreams associated with their career, but how many of us have really achieved what they truly desired? Most of us are working just to pay our bills or for the sake of doing something, how many of us are really following our passion?

Be patient with your everyday progress
Don’t fix unrealistic deadlines; it should not be too long or too short. This way you won’t be frustrated in pursuit of the accomplishment of your goals. There are no shortcuts, look around and contemplate how long others took to achieve a level of success which you want to achieve.

Most of all ask yourself a few questions
Do you see yourself doing “a particular thing” for many more years to come? It’s utmost important factor for you to introspect. If you don’t enjoy it and want to do undertake something solely because it’s in demand or it gives you good financial returns then you will never be able to succeed.

Will you stick by your goals even in worst case circumstances?

In today’s time when people are getting fired, put yourself in the worst condition and ask yourself will you stick to your goals in any given condition.

Learn to enjoy criticism
Yeah it sux big time when your hard work gets criticized; but not all criticisms should be side-lined. Sometimes healthy and mindful criticism can help you improve your work, therefore share your work and work on the feedback.

So where does the motivation come from?
Personally speaking all my life I tried to impress my parents then my husband but now when I am a mother the zeal inside me to impress my son is far more. It’s a nice feeling when your kids come to you and say I IDEALIZE the way you have lived your life. And not to forget I visualize my success and for sure it gives you a nice feeling to be an achiever in life. Moreover, I really don’t want an ordinary life

Are you the one who would love to lazy around?
I remember this lady who once said I always wanted a husband who is rich enough so that i don’t have to do anything. I mean how ridiculous it sounds to be dependent upon anyone? One should always have ambitions that belongs to them only and should work hard towards it. In the end at least you have something of your own which you solely achieved.

Don’t be your worst enemy
You have an ambition but you don’t enough determination to realize your ambition? Sometimes people just desire to become something and never do anything about it. Surely, it will tough if nothing is done about it. Once you take a first step towards your goal, half of your battle is already won.

God has given an equal amount of time to all of us
I often analyze my every day activity and ask myself a few questions. Ask yourself what are your priorities. Mine is to take care of my 10 months old baby, exercise and to write. In order to fulfill all my listed priorities I need to manage my time and divide them in the most productive way. If I don’t manage to do any of my listed things in the most effective way I feel the guilt of being “inefficient” Even if I have to sleep a little less than 6 hours I don’t hesitate to do it. You need to set your priorities right in the right order it’s you who has to decide how to divide your time.

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  1. Kip says:

    I appreciate the way you have presented this material. It really shows that there needs to be a good mix between the dreaming and the action. It is definately true that being ambitious is a good start, but there are other elements that must follow.

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