Best lesson I taught : Believe in yourself

I remember when I went for my very first interview for a teaching profile. I could not express myself profoundly that Why I switched over from MBA – B.ed profession . I just didn’t know what this teaching world will offer me and how will I contribute to the world of “EDUCATION”?  Little did I know that it will give me a new hope of living and living to the fullest, more than what I offer to my kids, in return they teach me, they help me grow in many aspects. Yes! Even a little child can teach you certain aspects of life. Though .. It’s true .. It’s true sometimes my kids drive me cRAZYYYYYYY ! But that’s ok !

I would like to release my “Creative juices” and will share my experiences of teaching and some very interesting concept activities that I conduct with my kids. I am sure it will benefit you as a teacher and as a parent.

Love for teaching : Puja Brahmi

Love for teaching : Puja Brahmi

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