03 DecCan You See Any Signs Of The Implementation Of Child Labour Laws?

stop child labour exploitation

• I want to share my personal feelings towards the implementation of Child Labour.

• All over India you will find poor children engaged in different jobs at the roadside, polishing shoes, selling small products, cleaning the car and what not. I am sure all of us have seen home servants who are engaged in domestic work.

• I have encountered thousands of poor children who work to support their family back home. And no matter how much they sweat it out still they don’t gain the same wages which a youngster get for doing the same job. Needless to say, the exploitation of child labour continues. Irrespective of the fact, that the ban of child labour was passed years back but I have not noticed the implementation of it.

• Let’s talk about how can we help a poor child who needs money to afford basic necessity of food and shelter. Will it be a wise idea to provide free education by stopping them to work? Honestly speaking when you look at the real picture of these poor children family background you realize that they have a desperate need to support their basic living.

• Based on my life experience, I understand the concerns of the poor children family’s situation. Therefore, I encourage poor children to go for basic education and at the same time engage in some skilled job which will fulfill the basic child care requirements.
don't support child labour

• I remember last time I went to the Delhi Haat and there I met a foreigner who was working with 7-8 children. The lady was selling handicraft stuff, paintings and candles made by those poor children. Hubby and me approached that lady and bought a ganesha painting which was made by one of the children. The point which I want to make is that I am not against child labour, I am only against child exploitation.

• When you see a kid working at a tea shop, you will hear the voice of concern regarding their well being but what exactly you do to help those kids? I am requesting all of you to provide books to any poor children you come across. Instead of offering them money, you can buy second hand books and twice in a month you can embrace poor children who can’t avail the basic education and living.
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  1. it is very worse condition for child labour ……………….

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