Vir Sangvi You Are Just Another Pawn In This Game


My message to Vir Sangvi which he didn’t approve in his blog. So here it’s –

If I may Mr. Sanghvi – here is the rebuttal. I shall call this does Vir Sanghvi has a spine? Or is he just another political concubine. I don’t put you in the same bracket as Barkha Dutta – no! She is not as arrogant as you, she does not have your joie de vivre!Your scripted interviews with Sonia Gandhi and Saif Ali Khan makes me realize what a phoney you really are. Your dead pan expression every time you go to some exclusive resort makes me realize that your fall from grace will be as boring as your shows. You give us the references to your criticism of A Raja and co. Do you really expect educated people in India to believe you. To quote your statement from your text “pass on message to any Congress leader we met in the course of our work”. Who the hell you think you are? Who the hell are you to pass messages to the government?

Just remember – you are just another pawn in this game. And if you have any spine left – kill yourself or leave my country.

The Great Indian Tamasha – How a Few People Play with a Country


barkha dutt and vir sanhgvi tape

The Varanasi bomb attack is just a distraction from the slew of scams that has erupted for  the Congress government. The one 18 month old baby who died today is just a casualty of either miscalculation or a sentimental value for the airways. This had to happen – Adarsh Society case, Tamil Nadu land case, 2G Spectrum scam and now the fall from grace of talking heads like Vir Sanghvi and the holier than thou Barkha Dutta.

She is the Kargil reporting, angry young TV journalist whose integrity and gritty nature even inspired Farhan Akhtar to model Preity Zinta’s character in the movie Lakshya; she has now become just like the rest of the other journalistic concubines of politicians and corporate lobbyists. At least Vir Sanghvi is arrogant, he goes to 5-star restaurants for a charity meal, at least he wears his vanity and the pseudo intellectual accent on his sleeve. The scripted interviews with Sonia Gandhi made him the pet of 10 Janpath.

If Barkha Dutt still has a spine left in her body then she should kill herself. Kill herself because she has betrayed the inspiration she once was  to millions of girls wanting to be like her. Does Pranoy Roy sleep tonight knowing he created monster or is he just happy for his protégé. I bet Sardesai is having a laugh!

I am angry that people don’t rise up. I am angry that by Feb 2011 no one will care and the news will go to the back pages and then disappear. NDTV stands for integrity – does it really. They have become power hungry just like Fox news or Sky. If Barkha Butt is not shown the door then we know where does Dr. Roy stand. 

Her Twitter retraction is full of guilt, the hairstyle and make-up speaks volumes of that arrogance that she had once renounced. The other TV journalists will now get the pitchforks and we will watch the once feisty young reported be put on ice. But will they? Karan Thappar did a story but only because he gleaming that he has chance to come back into the spotlight. Everyone loves a roast!

The Terrorist Attack – Varanasi

The Varanasi bomb attack was done just create a distraction from everyone. A small incident with the least cost of life, big enough to get the media blitz and small enough not kill many people. This is democracy in-action at its best. While the Indian public is glued to reality television garbage, Bollywood scandals and of course our cricket team – the real story gets squashed.

The attack which was followed right on queue by the terrorist group Indian Mujahedeen claiming responsibility. I wonder about all the other Indian Mujahedeen attacks – was some scandal going on then? That would be interesting.

The Verdict

We cannot ask the army to take over, we know how corrupt they are. Let’s just say its the system we live in. It’s  all connected. Since people like Corrupt Nira Radia and Vir Sanghvi talk about cabinet portfolios like they were exchanging recipes. We live in a world where we can’t tell the bad guys from the good guys. All we can hope is that they don’t sell India as cheaply as they do now.

A Debate That Goes On – Death Penalty For Mentally Retarded People ?



Today I am going to share my views on a controversial topic “Should there be a death penalty for mentally retarded people ”?

What’s a point in levying the most dreadful punishment on some one who can’t even comprehend what exactly “Death Punishment ” means?

There are a few questions that comes to my mind

Can a retarded person even help his lawyer in defending him? He must not be in a state of mind to recall the incidents. Moreover, he won’t realize that in which circumstances incidents occurred.

Why does the court levy extreme punishments? The only reason I find it is that the court creates fear in the minds of the criminals before they commit any serious crime. But do we really think that a person who doesn’t have the right state of mind can actually comprehend the consequences of his actions?

Without any second thoughts I do believe in the safety of “We the people”. Therefore, it’s obvious that mentally retarded people who can pose a threat to the society be detained.

Moreover, mentally retarded people are not able to understand the complicated court proceedings. They even find it hard to cope up with the vigorous court sessions that are quite demanding even for a normal person. That’s why people often loose their temper.

There should be a special team of people who handle cases of mentally retarded people as they are quite vulnerable in nature.

Ajmal Kasab’s New Thought Out Bizarre Statement Continues


Everyday, there is a new episode to the Ajmal Kasab confessions. Sometimes it sounds hilarious on how Ajmal Kasab jaw dropping made up testimonies leave the court wondering what’s his next intention and motive.

Ajmal Kasab’s new build up confessions can literally make him a psychopathic maniac

  • I wasn’t the one at CST, my look alike
  • I don’t know how to use an AK-47
  • I came to Mumbai 20 days before 26/11 to watch movies
  • I came by Samjhauta Express to Delhi with valid passport, visa
  • Kasab claimed David Headley was among 4 FBI agents who questioned him

The case has gone bizarre with the above statements by Ajmal Kasab. Ram gopal Verma can actually make a movie out of it!

Real Life Stories Of Crime In – Bhanwar


• I am sure not many people remember the serial “Bhanwar” that used to be telecasted on Sony TV. I would like to refresh the memory of all those people who don’t remember it or who are not even aware of it. Bhanwar is a series of real life crime stories of those people who went through a horrific time.

• For all those people who have missed the serial in the past can now watch it on Fox History at 11pm Tuesday. I had seen some of it’s episodes long time back but still I would love to watch it again as it’s dramatization of the real life incidents are outstanding. Take my words for it! Bhanvar is an interesting combination of events that unfold in the most attention-grabbing way.

• As it’s based on real life stories therefore it requires a lot of research to get the insight and detailed information about the case. In order to cross check the facts and figures the team of Bhanvar contacted every member of the case. It’s really impressive that how every minute detailing of every single life incident is captured in the most realistic way. It depicts the kind of emotional trauma the victim’s family goes through for years and years and still in the end still they don’t get justice.

• Everybody is aware of the fact that how justice in the Indian court is denied. And for how long a person has to go through the proceedings of the court. In cases where the justice is delivered there also you have to wait for years and years. There are thousands of verdicts that have released powerful criminals or where innocent people suffered. Why? Either they are not powerful enough or they are not financially strong.

• I only know handful of the cases where criminals got convicted like Jessica Lal Murder case. But HOLD ON how long it had taken for the court to wake up to the reality? Thanks and salute to Jessica Lal’s sister who stood by what she believed in and fought the battle against all those stinking corrupt high profile politicians.

• BUT MIND IT – Justice delayed is Justice denied. Usually, many of the victims just give up because they don’t have the will power to fight for that long or they lack funds to pay to the lawyers.