The Right Approach To Date Interesting Men



online dating tips for women

Whenever I get together with my girlfriends all they crib about is not getting their Mr. Right! Irrespective of thousands of medium we have these days where you have innumerable ways to interact with interesting people. Still not many women get what they really want.

Have you lost hope in finding someone special on online dating sites? I would like to list some of the blunders that women usually make on online dating sites. Boost your success rate considerably by avoiding all these mistakes and choose a right plan to get interesting men for dating.

Are you tired of sitting in front of your computer screen and just dieing to get a message from handsome men? Daily you check your scrap book hoping today you will get some message but to your disappointment no handsome men contacted you so far.
Have you given up?!

Listen to your intuition

If you feel that he is not the right man you are talking to, then don’t ignore your intuition. Whenever you have a slight doubt that the man is hiding something or pretending to be someone he is not then chances are your intuitions are warning you to be safe. Filter your dates and meet only those who genuinely interest you, instead of wasting your time in trying your luck on total strangers. This approach always work in brushing away all the bad dates.

Don’t wait for men to write to you first

Most women believe in the very traditional approach that men approach women for dates. Are you visiting handsome men profiles on online dating and totally drooling over some of them! You do pause for a while but you can’t really make up your mind whether you be supposed to drop a message or not. Women think that if they will approach men first then may be it will give a sign that they are desperate! Mostly women want men to approach them. And it’s a very fact that women feel awkward in approaching men first, no matter how madly they are attracted towards them.

dating tips for women
Actually, the truth is men love it when women approach them. So from now onwards if you like some guy’s profile just doesn’t hesitate to send a short text message. Most probably, you will get a reply back and from there on you can take it further!! Just make sure that you upload an interesting profile on dating sites! So don’t waste your time in just waiting for interesting men to get in touch with you first.

Don’t judge them by their profiles .

Come on girls! Generally, women exaggerate their actual height by an inch and lower their weight by at least 30 pounds! Then why it’s an issue if men exaggerate on their height. And how can you forget the very fact that how many women literally tell their real age!! Don’t judge any men before you actually communicate with them for some time period. Don’t form your opinion from the profiles which you browse on online dating sites because the real side only comes out when you actually communicate with them.

Don’t feel ditched!

You interacted with some guy through online dating site and now you plan to meet him. Both of you really had a good time but suddenly he just vanished. And you end up wondering – where you went wrong? Don’t fool yourself by presuming that you are the only one for him. Men also have many choices the same way women have. If you presume that you are the only one he met through online dating then you must be completely wrong.

Don’t rush into meeting men

Once you start to feel a comfort level with him and it’s hardly been a month of knowing each other. You probably end up getting curious to meet him to check the chemistry in real. Don’t rush into it! Research suggests, majority of the women get disappointed after meeting men in real life. You need to remember that online dating requires some screening before you actually make up your mind to meet the person in real. Take enough time to get to know each other through voice chat or text messages. You should at least take 4-5 months of time to know him before you plan to meet him personally. It’s a better choice to meet one genuine man in 6 months instead of 5 pricks in a month!


It is not working the way you thought it wil l

When you enrolled on to the online dating site you perceived it to be an easy dating game ! You have never faced any problem in attracting men in your real life. You are pretty, intelligent and a great company to hang around with. But surprisingly, men who are contacting you on online dating sites are not of your taste. You know there are decent men out there but why are you not being approached by them?!

It’s quite simple. There are hundreds of options for them, in the same way women have. It’s a fact that women usually want to be approached by men!! Don’t hesitate to browse profiles on online dating sites and message those men you find attractive.

Don’t get frustrated too easily

It’s obvious that sometimes on online dating sites you will get emails of men who are stupid, brainless and annoying. Don’t get aggravated, all you have to do is to ignore them. If they still keep on bothering you like an idiot then just avoid them. Don’t waste your time in replying back to them. You can’t eliminate their names from the dating site, they have the right to post messages to anyone they would like to, after all they are also the member of the site like everybody else. Mostly women reply back giving them warnings but you know that it won’t be of any use! As a smart woman all you have to do is to delete the emails you find exasperating and carry on with decent men!

Right approach decides it all

If you think that you don’t get right men on online dating sites as they are not genuine. Then my dear friend your presumption is totally wrong! There are millions of great single men on online dating sites who are handsome, tall, interesting and intelligent. The only factor which counts to attract men on dating sites is your outlook towards them. Your success rate is determined only by the way you carry it forward. You need to plan your approach with the right attitude.

Unrealistic time- line

Sometimes women set unrealistic expectations! If you hope to meet a decent man in a month of you posting your profile on a dating site then it’s impractical. You won’t be getting your soul mate or a decent date in a month or so! Obviously you will be disappointed if you expect to come across your prince charming in a short period of time. In reality we all know that how difficult it is to find soul mates. Don’t just quit – just stick to it for some time period!

So finally, now after reading these online dating tips you know what kind of mistakes you have been committing. From now onwards just avoid these mistakes and considerably increase your success rate on online dating sites.

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A Love Letter To My Hubby On His Birthday!




Hubby Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Do you want to win your husband’s heart then birthday love letters seem a perfect idea.

A love letter to my husband on his birthday – Honey I am feeling too embarrassed to even start! Because I really don’t know how to write a love letter! People say Love letters to husband can do the trick of sparking the love in your marriage. I hope these Love letters to my husband will ignite his love for me; if you ever realize then you will notice how we engross ourselves in our day to day life that we forget to express our love. Handwritten Love letters for husband will make him yearn for you; personally speaking love letters for my husband will surely make him feel my never dieing love for him. This love letter to my husband is again one of the ways where I open up my heart to him.

It will sound funny – I searched hundreds of websites and read the collection of love letters but nothing sound perfect to me. I don’t want to sound too corny or too boring here.. I just want to pour out my feelings through simple words.

• We have been together for so many years and have celebrated many memorable occasions together. When I look back and see the most romantic and cherished moments it was all because of you. You always say that I don’t express my love in words. With time I have noticed that I do feel shy in opening up my heart to you. I remember the first love letter you had written to me when I went to Bangkok.

Frankly speaking I’m bit reluctant to write all this because I’m not sure if I will get it right or not.. As it’s your birthday so I want everything to be just perfect.

I will start by expressing the one thing that I cherish the most with you is curling up with you on the bed before sleeping, feeling the warmth of your skin by resting my head on your shoulder and you kissing me on my head and lips! Every morning after waking up the way you hold me tightly and we pulling up the blanket over our head and whispering things to each other. Our toes tenderly touching each others toes underneath the blanket! It’s so fulfilling and amazing that how we have been doing this every day for years and still do it – still need it badly.

Walking down the street wrapping my hands around your hands – feeling the breeze fiddling with my hair- Ah I absolutely love it. Does that sound like typically Yash Chopra’s romantic movies scripts!!

• I still feel your first kiss when we were coming from Etopia ( though I always complain that how dare you kiss me when I was sleeping!!! but without any doubt that was the most cherished kiss of my entire life) You always express your love openly but I have always struggled to do that. It’s been years and years of knowing each other and even now our relationship feels so fresh, as if we are still dating! I think the real romance starts after getting married when you actually get to spend quality time together.

• Every morning – Every night you make me feel loved with your touch and warmth. Just your way of holding my face and looking into my eyes says it all. It makes me feel blessed when every friend of mine tells me how lucky I am to have you in my life as my soul mate. Once when I was in college my friend told me after 2 years of any marriage the romance goes away. I actually believed her because I had seen many couples totally occupied in their careers and setting financial goals that they tend to drift apart slowly. But with you it’s been years and years – with time we have become One. You know how hard it gets to even sleep without you, forget about staying away from you.


• We have been by each others side in all the rough situations all through the time. You remember the first romantic song that you sung to me – Jab koi baat bigad jaye Jab koi mushkil pad jaye Tum dena sath mera o humnavawaz. It’s so fulfilling to see how both of us have supported each other at times when we needed each other the most. The real test of any relationship comes when you see someone you loved the most by your side. It’s so gratifying how both of us value the commitment towards our relationship.

• We all know relationships are not easy it requires a lot of sacrifices, compromises, care and time. Every thing falls on its place when you have someone who loves you. This time when I was alone for few days without you in India I missed you the most. I miss Little Little moments about living with you.

• Your presence around me in the house, when I cook you hugging me from the back, opening the door for you every evening and giving you a kiss, making coffe for you, going out for movies together, deciding on which restaurant to go, talking about politics, sports!!, watching Chelsea play at our favorite place, you making me sit on your lap like your baby and swinging me around, you quizzing me about music.

•You making your top 10 favorite band every month and signing it to make a record, lounging around and having a cup of coffe and talking about life in general, playing loud music in the car and singing together and how can I forget our crazy way of screaming competition, it’s so sweet how we dance daily for few minutes ( this time when I was in India I replaced you with gunna) Remember the way you roll me around and then make me bend … gunna literally enjoyed that style of dancing.

•It feels nice to be with you all the time. Wherever you go you make sure that I am with you. I have seen so many guys going out alone leaving their wives or girl friends alone but you are so unlike them. I always tell mummy that how my life changed for good after meeting you. Before knowing you I didn’t know jack about jack! You taught me so many things that brought confidence in me. The kind of respect you give it to me in front of your friends, clients, family and colleagues is so gratifying.

• Do you have a magic stick!! How you win everyone’s heart? Whether it’s my friends, my relatives or a complete stranger on the road you just gel with anyone. I just can’t seem to get this art of yours! It’s so amazing how easily you can bring a smile on anybody’s face within minutes. Teach me !!!!!! Some people say that when you love someone you don’t change the other person. But I completely disagree with it.

• When you love someone special you are willing to change anything to bring a smile on your love’s face. I am glad we respect each other’s individuality and at the same time we go out of way to make each other feel special in every possible way.


  • Thanks for every effort you make to bring a smile on my face.
  • Thanks for all the crazy things you do to make me laugh.
  • Thanks for doing so much hard work to make our future secured.
  • Thanks for all the love you have for my parents that they feel proud to have you as their son.
  • Thanks for playing with gunna as you know what she means to me.
  • Thanks for caressing me every night like a little child and making me go to sleep.
  • Thanks for every day you say how much you love me .
  • Thanks for all the little little lovely surprises you give me all the time even after all these years.
  • Thanks for respecting me and my individuality and giving me enough freedom to do whatever I want.
  • Thanks for cooking delicious food, you are a great chef!!!!!
  • Thanks for all those hugs and kisses you do all the time.
  • Thanks for learning badminton for me and beating all those people who were overconfident.
  • Thanks for being protective towards me at every step.
  • And thanks for letting me beat all those guys who tease girls!!!!!
  • Thanks for understanding and appreciating how strongly I feel about helping needy people.
  • Thanks for going to Vaishnodevi barefooted so many times and staying awake and watching over me so that I could sleep.
  • Thanks for reading my blog and posting your comments.
  • Thanks for putting your hand on my head whenever you pray. It makes me feel loved and cared.
  • Thanks for always being committed to our love when things were tough.
  • Thanks for your faith and loyalty towards our love to make the relationship stronger by each passing day.

The only complain I have with you is why didn’t you meet me long time back. We have missed so many years from our lives.


A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

This romantic letter my husband wrote for me – I love you wife – A Love letter to my sweetheart

Sample Love Notes To Your Love

A Collection of love notes that will add a new spice to your life. We have shared some of the love notes sample and we will keep on adding more. (In order to know how to write a love note all you need to do is to pour out your feelings towards your love. Sometimes little expressions make you feel loved!

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Sweetheart

I could never imagine myself helping lovers on how to write a love letter? Many years ago when I just started dating I wanted to write a love letter to my love. I went on internet and searched samples of love letters to your love; even after reading over 100 sample of love letters still I couldn’t even write 3 liner love letter to my boyfriend. You need to be in love to write a love letter; no tips on how to write a love letter will help you if you are not in love.

I Love You Letter (I Miss You Love Letter)

Are you away from your sweetheart ? I miss you love letter will let you pour out your feelings and your love towards your sweetheart. Do you want to know how to write a love letter? Personally speaking, I don’t need a reason to write a I love you letter to my sweetheart. Always remember the best love letter can only be expressed through your heart; you can’t learn it or copy it from any resource you get to see like “Top 100 love letters sample”.

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter, I Miss You Love Letter

A Sensual Love Letter – I Love You Letter

Handwritten Sensual love letters do wonders to evoke the steamy passion. Each one of us have desired to write a Sensual letter to your sweetheart, husband, wife or your lover. Am I Right? But not many of us know how to write a sensual love letter? Sensual love letters stir up the intimacy in your partner. If you are also thinking of writing a sensual letter for the first time then read some sensual love letters samples.

A sensual letter keeps the blaze in your relationship alive, then why not add that extra spark to your relationship? Whether you are thinking of evoking the romance in your marriage or want to seduce your love; writing a sensual letter will perfectly fill in that place of that missing romance in your relationship.

There are a few important tips to write a Sensual love letter; the most important factor is to make the letter sound seductive not cheap or vulgar! Moreover, before you begin to create a sensual semblance it’s imperative to express your emotional affection with your partner. Tell him how much you are blessed to have him, convey your inner most love for him.

Goodbye My Love – A Goodbye Letter

A Goodbye Love Letter

A Goodbye Love Letter

A goodbye letter that I created for my sweetheart after our relationship went through breakup. There are some goodbye letters that reunite lovers, though goodbye love letters are meant to have a closure. There are some goodbye letters that reunite lovers, though goodbye love letters are meant to have a closure.

Having said that research suggests that a well written and thoughtful goodbye love letter can drive your ex boy friend or your ex girl friend drive back to your arms; whether it’s a goodbye letter to boyfriend or girlfriend just make sure you pour out your undying love in the letter. Most importantly love letters where you say goodbye should never be bitter ( no blaming game).

Writing A Valentine Day Love Letter

Express your deepest emotion with a Valentine day letter , read letters for Valentine day; after all we all know that Valentine day is coming just around the corner. So are you thinking of writing a valentine love letter? Love letters straight from your heart has the power to entice the dying love, igniting a passion and making that someone special feel loved and cared. Find free Sample of Valentine Day Love Letters that will help you to pour out your love in the most loving and sophisticated way. Love letters for valentine day can be decorated with glitters, some kissing stickers and don’t forget to paste a picture which truly signifies and depicts the chemistry you share with your love.

Why Men Cant Sense It ! : Signs That She Is Interested In Dating You


she wants to date you

Why Men Cant Sense It ! : Signs That She Is Interested In Dating You

• It’s a known fact that it’s really hard to figure out what girls really want. It’s even harder to comprehend that what girls really feel. Mostly guys get perplexed in understanding the signs which sometimes girls give.

• Indirectly girls give clear signals that they are interested to date you. But they themselves won’t approach you as they want you to take the very first step. Here we will tell you few signs that she is definitely interested to date you, so consider these signs as an invitation to ask her for a date.

• If she wants to catch up with you whenever she finds some free time from her busy work schedule then she truly admires you. If she always chose you over any other friend to go out with her on the weekends then chances are that she treats you more than a friend. And she wont disappoint you if you want to take the friendship to the another level. It’s clear that she is interested to date you.

date single girls

• She always flaunts a sweet smile at you. Mind it; girls just don’t always flash their glittering smile to anyone! Notice how does she behaves with you, her body language will give an obvious sign of her feelings towards you. Does she lean on your shoulder while giggling or does she tease with her soft touch on your shoulders or arms. Apparently, you should not wait just go ahead and ask her on a date. She is certainly interested to date you.

• She has given you a sweet nickname. Indeed she is crazy for you! And if anyone calls you from the same nick name she doesn’t like it! The chances of you hearing a yes is really high in this case. Man you are taken! She is surely interested to date you.

• If she suddenly starts discussing about her ex boy friend and tells you that she is over it. This could be the sign that now she wants you to be part of her life and making you clear that she has no feelings left for her ex boy friend. Now she is ready to move on and interested to date you.

date single girls

• If she always laughs on your stupid jokes and you take pride in considering yourself for a stand up comedian role! You know for the fact that nobody appreciates your sense of humor the way she always does! Take this sign as a welcoming signal that she is really interested to date you.

• She never misses a chance to check you out. If you always notice her looking at you then don’t dismiss this as a coincidence. She is undoubtedly interested to date you. Don’t miss an opportunity to give her a dazzling smile to show her that you like her. Don’t forget to make a move on her!

• If she compliments you saying that you are every girls dream true and any girl would like to have a man like you. It’s a good chance to try your luck on her; as she adores you. Chances are that she is really interested to date you.

• She always wants to be with you, be it you going for a lunch or you hanging around wit your friends. She makes sure that she sits right next to you. It’s a definite clue that your presence is cherished by her and she wants to get closer to you. Don’t ignore this clear sign as it for sure that she is interested to date you.

• Whenever she is with you she feels conscious of her appearance. Don’t forget to tell her that she looks really gorgeous and then see the glow on her face! She loves to be admired by you.

• She makes every possible excuse to hang around with you. She seeks help from you pretending that she can’t do it on her own. Most probably, she wants to spend more time with you and interested to date you. Just slide a note on to her bag asking her out. She will be all yours!

• She gives you more importance over anybody else. She never refuse any favors for you, she even goes out of the way to help you. She never says no to you! So now what other signal you require you won’t get to hear no this time too! Ask her out! She is unquestionably interested to date you.

• She always tells her friend that she finds you adorable. It’s a trick to let you know indirectly through her friends because she herself fees hesitant to confess her feelings towards you. It’s an obvious hint that she is interested to date you.

• An eye contact plays an important role in comprehending the feelings of a woman. If she pays attention to you and gives her wholeheartedly attention it’s a further indication that she is interested to date you. If often you observe her looking at your lips then it’s absolutely a seduction sign. Guys don’t miss an opportunity just ask her out for a date.

• Once you have realized all the signs that she is interested to date you. Give her a call saying let’s go out for a dinner “just two of us”. Compliment her and appreciate her kindness.

• Thank her for everything she has done for you so far and how she has been there for you in all the rough times. Say “you have strong feelings towards her” and just wait for her reaction. Most probably her reaction will be positive and she will be overwhelmed after realizing that you really like her. Needless to mention – her answer will be yes.

Read These Simple Know- How – Before You Go On A Date!


dating do's and don'ts

If she says a big YES to go on a date then ask her where she wants to go out. You can plan a surprise her also by taking her out to her favorite place (just don’t disclose it in advance).

Things to take care of before going on a date:

• Look decent, don’t overdress! A big no to a formal outfit, instead dress casually. A nice pair of jeans and a soothing color t- shirt works always!

• Who likes smelling creatures?! Always smell nice especially when you are around her! Put on a light deodorant but a no to any kind of strong perfume

• Be yourself don’t act over smart otherwise she will have a clear idea that you are trying too hard to impress her.

• Be confident of yourself. Sometimes when you are very excited to meet someone special then it’s natural to feel nervous. Therefore, carry yourself in a relaxed way instead of revealing that you are bit nervous as it’s your first date with her!

• Greet her nicely as it says a lot about the person so set a pleasant precedent of what you really are.

• Be exceptionally nice and respect her in every way. This is the foremost important factor in impressing girls; otherwise you don’t have a chance to get a date!

• Know the power of an eye contact. Give your total attention to her instead of checking out other girls!

How To Ask Her On A Date


How to ask her on a date? is a question which men often wonder. How to ask a girl out is not that simple; that’s why majority of the men hesitate in even approaching a girl. How to date a girl needs to be mastered over a period of time; real men will never give a chance to a girl to let you down. Asking a girl out in today’s new trend is has become comparatively easier; girls of today’s time wants to explore their options and treat dating as a way to know each other better before they get into a committed relationship.

date girls

Before you choose to date a girl be clear on “how to find the right girl” When you find yourself saying “I want to date a girl”that’s the time you start approaching girls without even being clear about the kind of girl that you will like to date. When you are into an adolescent stage you don’t have any idea on how to ask a girl on a date. The lure of taking a girl out is there in every man but majority of the men are self absorbed that they are not interested in knowing the likes and dislikes of the woman they want to date. The first step of knowing how do you ask a girl out is to explore the interest of the girl.

Are you desperately wondering how to ask her on a date?

There are number of questions hovering in your mind like:

• What if she says no to me!

• May be I should wait for some time before making a move on her.

• What if some another guy approaches her. Then won’t it be too late for me.

• What if she just treats me like a friend. Will she be offended?

• All of these doubts and fears just trap your mind and stop you to ask her on a date. Never allow your fear to take over your life. You need to come out of the dilemma and take a step forward. We will help you to boost confidence in yourself instead of entrapping yourself with all the insecurities.

• If you are someone who has a serious personality then your chances are really low!!! Always remember easy going people who know how to have fun have more choices than those people who are just isolated. Studies suggest that guys with good sense of humor have far more chances to get dates.

date single girls
• Don’t ask her out in front of other people, she may feel uncomfortable. Also, be clear that you genuinely like the girl before you ask her on a date. Don’t date her just because she is hot or popular in your college.

• You should be clear about your feelings for her before you ask her out on a date.
• Make sure that she is single. If she recently broke off with her boy friend then try to figure out whether she is over it or still depressed about her past relationship.

• Never ask your friends to do it for you, no matter how tactful your friends are. Girls really don’t like hearing – Oh hey I have a message for you from (So and so guy) that he would like to date you!!! It obviously shows that the guy don’t have enough confidence to approach the girl directly.

• Whenever you want to approach her choose the right time and the right place makes a whole difference. If the girl is new to you and you don’t know much about her then don’t directly ask her for a date. It certainly requires an extra effort first to know her a bit. Give her a nice compliment but don’t exaggerate! Some girls don’t like to be flattered so better to choose a simple approach. Some girls don’t like “sexy” “hot” labels but others take it as a compliment.

• Just make sure that you don’t offend her by complimenting something which she doesn’t take it in the right spirit. It’s advisable to stick to fine compliments which will surely work. Like you look “stunning” “gorgeous” “beautiful” etc. Guys never use the same boring cheesy lines.

dating girls
• Talk with her and strike an interesting conversation to make her attracted towards you. Talk about her interests and make sure you act like a gentlemen. Don’t feel nervous in her company if you are stuttering or sweating then it’s a clear sign that you are not comfortable with her.

• If still you think you are not ready to ask her out on a date then invite her for any fun activity with your friends. Dull activities like household stuff shopping should never be considered! Think of more exhilarating activities like enjoying any of her favorite sports. After you have shared enough time and now you think it’s an appropriate time to ask her on a date.

• Now you need to find the right time and the right place to ask her on a date. You can simply say this with a smile “Hey I am going out this weekend on fishing I was wondering if you would like to join me. I am sure you will have lot of fun”

• To avoid any kind of hesitation think of a subject beforehand. If you either of you think that you won’t be comfortable to go on a date together then go for double dating. It actually can relieve some pressure from both of you.

• You can ask her to join you to some party or may be an evening with friends just lounging around would a good idea. Once you are comfortable with her you can ask her.

  • “I really liked your company so I was wondering if you want join me for a cup of coffee” It will possibly work. If you are nervous to ask her on a date then don’t be anxious some girls really find it cute.
  • The foremost point to consider before asking girls on a date is first to ask yourself that do you think that she is attracted towards you. Be her friend first before you ask her on a date. Once she starts sharing a comfort level with you, it will increase your chances of her saying yes. So guys don’t wait just win her heart and sweep her off her feet!