Unique 101 heart touching birthday wishes


Much awaited Unique 101 heart touching birthday wishes which are personalized as the qualities and the kind of relationship that I share with my friends/students/relatives/colleagues/seniors etc. I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who treat me right, so on their big Birthday day, I never copy-paste any message from any website. It all comes straight from my heart and every time my friends love the way I pour my heart. I would like to share my messages with you all in order to tickle your brain as to how you can touch your loved one’s heart. After all, the thing that matters the most is how important and loved you make your dear ones feel! I have more than 1000 lovely birthday messages to share with you all. Whenever I will get some spare time, I will keep updating this list.


A very Happy Birthday to _____________ In such a short period, you have won everyone’s  HEART. The way you conduct yourself speaks volumes about you. The kind of comfort you have provided to each member of your team is commendable. It’s how you make others feel about themselves counts the most. You empower everyone and bring the best out of each member. Most of all, I can open up to you for anything, you handle any difference of opinion nicely. You are a breath of fresh air for us! Thank you so much for grooming us and always standing by our side ( even when we make mistakes)  Believe me..I am pouring my heart out and I mean every single word 💕


A Very Happy Birthday to __________________ You have been my first mentor in GIS. I always get back to you, you are my roots! that’s why I have grown in life professionally and personally. I still remember working with you, how you used to assign so many responsibilities to me🤩 because you trusted me that I can do it! 😊 I have never seen you raise your voice on anyone, how you handle every situation in just a calm way is commendable! You know how to empower people by appreciating them and seeing the best out of them. We don’t work together anymore, still, you have lifted me when I lost faith and strength. The best part is you not only praise me but also share when someone praises me in my absence 🤪🥰. My golden moment in pre-primary was when my display board secured the first position..😍 I still cherish that! Competing with Pre-primary teachers in terms of creativity is a laborious task after all.  Stay happy!


A very happy birthday to ______________. Your gracious nature is one of the best attributes that I love the most. You have always been so respectful towards me and that speaks volumes about the beauty that you possess inside out.As they say there is nothing more beautiful than a beauty of a kind soul. 🥰 You carry any outfit in such an elegant way. 😇 😘 love and light to you. Blessed to be surrounded with people like you who brings positivity 👑


Hugs her tightly and can see her charming smile too 🥰 I luv youuuu…Whenever u meet, you have a bright smile..you are one of my precious friend with whom I don’t have to think before sharing anything. I can confide in you 💕It all comes naturally because I know I am talking to someone with whom I feel safe ❤️🥰. I find you an extremely dedicated mom and wifey! Hayeeee your love story makes me believe that you never give up on people you love. So don’t give up on meh too😜. Miss our staff room masti time🌟 I have too many lovely memories of my primary group💕


A very happy birthday to my boyfriend cum girlfriend 😄 because you have traits of both.. Miss you so much…your hugs and laughter every time we used to meet. You have been my shield, strength and yes my weakness too. 🥰 Admire you as a mother and the sacrifices you made without even giving a second thought to it..😘 We need more women like you who face fears with courage and overcome any challenges in life. I am still your emotional fool friend, I can never be a sherni like you 🦁


A very happy birthday to you my sweet and ever-smiling friend _____________. My last-minute dhoti and pagdi arranger for my crazy kisaaan act 🤩 In the staff room, so many times I had your lunch in your absence.. Stealing food is always tastier 😄.. What’s the secret of your charming personality? Whenever I used to meet you in school, you were always like a breath of fresh air.. 💕🥰 I truly love interacting with you and adore your understanding of nature..🙏😊


Awwww holds a mike n sings…monikaaa ooo my darling ..happy birthday.. One song for u.. Tera mujYear hai pehle ka nata koi..yuhi nahin dil lubhata koi….🥰 I know you since I used to take grade 1.. My favorite memory is to come to your class and share your food..n even now whenever I feel hungry..I come to you bcz I know no matter what you will get something for me..I feel a sense of right on you🤪 you have spoiled me in many ways.. You are my favourite “just a call away friend ” n I love the way Vanshika loves me😍 don’t you get jealous sometimes 😃😃 ok jokes apart enjoy this day to the fullest n let’s carry this friendship for many more years to come ..high 5😘😘


Happy birthday sistaaa 🥳 Hugs Rashmi n sings phulo ka taro ka sabka kehna hai… Ek hazaro mein meri behna hai  ….may be this song is quite old but the feelings it signifies are pure.. N you are the second person after my sister that I am singing this song for 💞.. Pulls rashmi.. N Sits on the couch with comfort …. cheers for years of friendship that we cherish.. Today, I saw your name right next to me in the gems Id excel sheet.. We have come a long way 😘 a lot to express.. Let’s connect tomorrow..my teddy bear big belly is waiting to hug you😜😜


Hellooooo Nivedika – ever smiling girl! Happy birthday to youuuu 🎶 🎶 The kind of warmth you have shown towards me from the first day of joining, makes me believe as if we have been working together for many years.💕 Just because of your presence I could sail through the summer camp theatre classes of Grade 1 and 2. Wooosh! We were on the same wavelength all through. You are so easy – pizzy to work with! We connected so well during and after the classes ❤️ You always knew when to lend a hand, that’s why even in my absence the show went on .😊🌟.
Keep smiling….


Hello hello birthday girl 🎉 M My darling friend
A Always there for me
N Nice to me all the time
S. Sincere in her approach
I I Love you ❤️
You are my gem friend and you know that… Don’t you? 🤪 you motivate me, love me and inspire me..you add value to my life by being there for me Though we don’t take much but I know you are there for me in the time of need.💞💞
Btw I miss your candid jokes that you crack on me 😄


Happy birthday a -Jeeta rather cheetah 😄 miss seeing you …hugging you and our endless round of laughter.. Whenever you talk to me, I can feel you pouring your deepest desires and fears.. I feel blessed to have you. Though you have changed school but your place in my heart is still intact 🥰 I can feel the bond even from miles apart and I genuinely feel that it will become stronger by each passing year. You know what’s the best memory I have of you? Whenever you achieve something extraordinary, you call me.. 💞 you share your happiness and sorrows with me. You are a combination of full time masti and a pillar of strength.Though m elder to you, still I derive strength from you.. 😘 love n light to you hamesha


Shuts the laptop in exasperation..  Recites a slogan.. Bahut hua slc kaaa kaaam thoda ab de apno per dhyaan.. Wah wah wah 😜 HAPPIIIII BIRTHDAY RAMAN… Chikni skin vali friend 😃😃🤪 try applying for dove add, you will get selected in one go 🥳 You never miss to compliment me for little things you like in me..simple compliments mean the most 🥰 thank you from d bottom of my heart for brightening up my days with your honest praise. Like you once said, we don’t talk much but we have this fondness for each other… Keep spreading kindness with your lovely gestures 💞💞

Why She Never Called Me Back


Why she never called me back
Waiting for a call from a girl you really admire? Has it become a never ending wait… Know Why

1) She didn’t like your nature

When you meet someone the first trait that strikes you is the way you carry yourself, your manner of striking a conversation. These are some of the basic attributes that people notice and remember (more than your outer personality). If you are polite (no artificial politeness) then chances are that you are on the right road; sooner or later you will make yourself wanted.
The key lies in taking it easy!

Why She Never Called Me Back

Why She Never Called Me Back

2) Let her talk

Yes be a good listener and encourage her to talk about her interests by showing curiosity in her hobbies or activities she loves to indulge in. If you have knowledge about her field of interest then go ahead and let her feel that you are knowledgeable – i.e if she likes modern art then talk about the artists whose work you appreciate and are world renowned. These kind of interesting talks will make a good impression on her mind about you. If you are totally “desperate” in making an instant impact then search her name on internet and look out for her interests, liking, hobbies etc. Moreover, it will enable you to update your knowledge well in advance of certain areas that you are not knowledgeable about. I personally like exploring different interesting fields which even help me to enhance my overall awareness.

3) Don’t lose control on yourself

When you get anxious or nervous you start chewing your nails …haaaaaaaa yes yes you will still find some men out there who dig their nose and scratch their bal””s in public….
Each of us possess some awful habits which you find really hard to shed off …. ….. …. So be watchful of your acts…
Some more to add on – biting your nails, eating food in a totally disordered way etc etc then it’s better to be in control of yourself! These little things do matter a lot…it can really make your overall personality meter go down ………….

4) Chillax but don’t get carried away

Girls are really smart in judging men with their tricks and acts…. Let me give you an example: If a girl is getting drunk and forcing you to have a number of drinks then it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants you to get drunk with her…. In a way it’s just a test of you where she is testing how will you handle a situation like this where you are forced to do something.
And all the men out there get the facts straight – you don’t have to smoke or drink in order to impress a girl who is into smoking or drinking. Just be yourself; have control on the number of drinks you take and never lose self control.

5) Don’t make too quick too soon move on her or……..

It primarily depends on what exactly you are looking out for – Is it just a casual dating affair you are interested in?, or a chance to get laid with someone you think is really hot or you want a long term relationship with “The One” with whom you dream to share your life with. All men and women have different interest levels and there is nothing wrong in thinking the way you think at a particular stage of your life. The only consideration that needs to be taken care of is the mach of interest intensity between both of you… If she is interested in having a long term commitment and you are looking for just a casual dating or other way around then chances are sooner or later you will face disappointment.

6) Blah Blah Blah

No matter you won the last Mr India Pageant, cleared IMM Entrance exam, went to London 10 times and what not!!!!!!!!!! Just Don’t brag about yourself too much, give your mouth a little rest when it’s required. The right key to have an interesting and convincing conversation is to know the right time and right way to respond when the other person is talking.

7) Just your bad luck

She found someone else with whom her compatibility level was far better than your chemistry with her. Come-on don’t get dishearten there is one more “Just Right There” waiting for you for a drink……….. and the one you lost was not meant for you….!!

8) Past should never be discussed… No No No

Don’t start dating again if you are not over the crying and misery phase after you broke off with your ex. It’s a big turn off for women as well as for men when the past relationships are discussed…..

9) How you treat others

If your taste buds are taking a toll on you and you disliked a dish at a restaurant where you are dining with her then by screaming or criticizing the chef won’t really leave a good impression on her about you. No matter how much grand treatment you are offering her; it’s equally important for women to know how you treat others. Therefore, get your social acts straight before you label you a rude chap!
Alright Alright Alright………….these were just a few points to answer to your question “Why she never called me back”

Leave your comments and feel free to share some of your tricks impress a girl ….. or ways to get a call back from a girl you dated or met

A Love Letter To My Wife – Ours is a Stormy Kind of Love


An Ode to My Wife

love letters

Honey It’s been a long time when I last wrote a love letter to you. I have written at least 100 love letters to you and you have written just 1 ! You always say you don’t know how to write a love letter and I Say at least say it how much you love me.

Whole Lotta Love duh duh duh!
Where do I begin,,, she has been there for me like no one else has. She is the mother to my child, pink to my black, smile to my frown, white light pointing the way forward in darkness, heaven sent, fire and ice, the tempest, wild beauty, untamed heart, Emilia to my Iago (except that she helps me to become a better man), the eccentric sportsmen, creator of the “piyo”, rebellious anti-romantic, lady for the poor, mama’s girl, the German Sheppard lover, from innocent to naughty, from seductive voice to conservative libertine!

She lift my days and light my nights, yet she can kill you with a smile or with a deft touch, an ocean of incoherent thoughts for me to find my way to her promise land. A promise land in pink and white, where she he is running on green grass making heads turn as an aura passes them by. The love for sea food, newly acquired taste in Guinness and Newcastle ale tells a tale a girl wanting to be much more than her present.

She comes from bright land of wisdom, innocence and peace. She has unknowingly kissed chaos; she did not know what was coming, she was tricked into believing only the good and not the bad. She cried foul but took the punches in her stride, giving her strength to her man. Standing by her man! Casting a spell of purity and magic, protecting him from betrayal and thoughts that are tragic.

She did not realize but she has crossed the chaos, the flooding river, yet she feels lost in her own promise land. Did she really want it to start with? A little tired of waiting for the next big wave, she has started to create her own, ushered in by a born-again man, they come together in the most needful hour, they are the same. She needs to believe in him more, he needs to give her more. She will win her actual promise land, her freedom from confused thoughts and negative vibes! She will triumph over adversity only if she BELIEVES in herself and her old new man!

Don’t Forget!

The first kiss on the Ride back home, to Delhi haat, outside Dayal mansion, Bangkok boat ride, Parikrama parikrama, Paul McCartney rain and clutching of hand to go home and the smile when he came on to sing, the FA cup final, Momo, 9-1 baddy thrashing at amby (felt really good huh!), slippers in -21, O’briens, Mister chef, corono drinking and sleeping, champagne bottle in 5 minutes, loving breezer, the test in bath room and screaming, joshu’s heart beat, Oscar performances (how can I miss), navel revealing rebel to you know who?, rolling stones is a …….. , the window at krasnorminsk, cozy home in 7 days, endless relatives, the poise at lunch with Ukrainians, Goa train ride, guarding you in Jammu, this is where your humor lies, the shouts at Centaur, the naan at Centaur, Amitabh’s story on the drive home, so many stories! Your first Paypal sal! I remember! The new opportunities which you brought in for me. Your hand in my destiny, from Dubai to Kiev.

So remember Wifey, even if I “think” I am the brains of the outfit, you are the soul of the outfit, the guiding light and the destiny of the outfit. If you want me to get Jake, bring Jake to me! Only you can! Just ask God! As I will ask for you to start and achieve your destiny! (I think it is business…)

From Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon to Whole Lotta Love! Darling your journey has begun! So forget about what’s been, embrace your future, your love, your Joshu, your man! Fall in Love again with me! I still love you after all these years! And even though you don’t think I do! My silly sassy girl – I DO!!! I love you like crazy! There never could be a better moment than THIS ONE!

So in the words of our Bono

“All the promises we make from the cradle to grave, when all I want is you”

Awesome Cocktail Party Ideas


The need of new cocktail party ideas are always in demand; after all Cocktail parties give you a reason to unwind from your busy life schedule. We not only love to attend cocktail parties but also enjoy throwing cocktail parties as often as we can.

cocktail party ideas

The first thing that comes to your mind before you plan to invite your guests is your budget. It doesn’t have to be a lavish cocktail party, usually people have a tight budget to stick on. You can still make things happen, provided you plan a cocktail party well in advance.

Plan The Menu, Decide The Guest List.
The menu doesn’t have to include expensive food choices like “Sushi” or “15 years old wine”. The idea is to have a fun with your friends; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lavish party.

Buy In Bulk
You will always get cheaper rates when you buy bulk items. The must have items includes juices, cheese, candles, wine, beer, sodas, vodka, champagne, cola and off course whiskey. I love to get discounts on wholesale items, whether it’s an alcoholic item,napkins, decorating stuff, nuts etc. There is no harm in buying extra stuff as it doesn’t get spoiled. You can even try to buy cheap sparkling alcoholic glasses online.

If you don’t have enough glasses to serve different drinks then don’t hesitate to invest on buying some sparkling glasses. Moreover, once you decide on the drinks you will be serving to the guests, it’s essential to get all the ingredients to avoid any last minute hassle.

Avoid Wastage
Based on the number of guests you have invited you can plan the quantity of the food item. The idea is to prevent any food wastage.

Ice Ice Baby
Plenty of ice is quite compulsory for every drink. Keep the ice handy and broken for your guests.


Love To Decorate Cocktail Glasses
It’s lovely to see an appealing cocktail dressing. I personally put an extra effort to dress up cocktail glasses. Some of my favorite options are lemon, olives, cherries, lime peal, sliced fruits, paper umbrella etc. The key lies in choosing the right choice; it needs to blend with the drink.

Don’t Hesitate To Experiment A New Recipe
Uniqueness add spice to any party, you will always find some basic food items at all the cocktail parties. How about adding a new slice of touch to the food segment. Mostly, people feel reluctant to try out new stuff at a party; but I don’t. I find it as an opportunity to give my best. I choose my ingredients carefully…I innovate.. and then I just wait for the guests feedback.

I make sure to offer a bit to my husband before serving it in front of my guests. Yeah I play it safe! Once my husband gives a go ahead it means it’s just perfect! ( he is my favorite critic argh!)

Clean Up Your Place And Give It A Subtle Look
After you finish cooking now is the time to clean up the place. I am very particular about keeping my place clean, particularly when I am inviting guests for a party. At least, this way my home gets clean from inside out. The refrigerator, the furniture, the floor and the kitchen needs extra consideration.

I prefer simple decor ideas over the loud one, light up some beautiful and aromatic candles of different colors and shapes. I even love the idea of floating candles and rose petals. One thing that I never miss is to place a small center piece bowl of fresh flowers.

Choice Of Cocktail Outfit
It entirely depends upon the choice of color you have; the kind of cocktail dress you choose will expound the type of personality you have. The only factor that needs to be considered is don’t over or under dress. Most of us don’t have enough time to go out and shop, that’s why I love to shop online, you will have a great range of sexy cocktail dresses at affordable prices.

I hope some of these tips on how to plan a fun cocktail party will drive away the fear of throwing a cocktail party at your own house. Do suggest some of the tips that you would like to share with us.

Short Romantic Love Stories


Short Romantic Love Stories

Love actually is a great Romantic film full of emotions and comedy.

There are many love stories emerged in the film. I usually catch it up on cable, I have watched it several times as I really liked some of the love stories which are quite realistic in our day to day lives. I wanna share some of the stories and why I liked it.

keira knightley pictures

Love Story of Keira Knightley, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Andrew Lincoln

Keira Knightley gets married to Chiwetel Ejiofor in a beautiful ceremony. Andrew Lincoln has a secret crush on Keira. He video tapes Keira in her wedding ceremony. One fine day she turns up at Andrew’s house and watches the video tape of her wedding. All she finds is her clippings in the video tape and she soon realizes that he has deep feelings for her. She finds it shocking because Andrew has always been unfriendly to her.

love letters

Later on the Christmas Eve he shows up and says without any hope and agenda I want to say that you are perfect. As he leaves Keira runs after him and gives a kiss. And then Andrew says to himself – enough now it’s time to move on with life.

This story is one of my favorite because it’s quite realistic. I am sure there are so many people out there who are quite reluctant in expressing their love and then they end up loosing them. Secondly, I don’t really support the actions of Andrew who approached Leira after she got married. I find it weird and quite unacceptable if you approach a married person and say you are in love with him/her. Just my personal thought!

Second love story of Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz

a passionate kiss

Colin discovers his girl friend in a sexual encounter with his brother. He finds himself totally heartbroken and heads to his French Cottage.

There he meets Lucia who doesn’t speak in English. Irrespective of the language barrier they communicate with each other so beautifully. Later, Colin plans to return back to London. Before leaving the way they look at each other and expresses themselves without uttering a single word is so amazing. He takes up Portuguese language course and on the Christmas Eve he comes back to Marseille. He goes to a Portuguese restaurant where Aurelia started working. He proposes her in a broken Portuguese language and she accepts his proposal in English which she also learned when he was away.

The reason this love story is my favorite is because of the way they communicated through their eyes and later made an initiative to learn each other’s language.

Third Love Story

Alan Rickman is working in a design agency and having a mid- life crisis, that makes him feel attracted to his secretary who is also showing a clear sign of being interested. He gets an expensive necklace for his secretary as a Christmas gift. Later his wife discovers the necklace in his coat and presumes that it’s for her. But all she gets as a Christmas gift is a CD. She obviously realizes that her husband is having an extra marital affair. She doesn’t encounter her husband or questions him. As she didn’t want to spoil her kids day, so she goes to the bedroom and burst into tears. After few days she opens up to her husband ad says “You have made a fool out of me” But as time passes by she gives him a second chance. And then they slowly come to terms of working out their relationship.

extra marital affair

My opinion about this love story is opposite of what happens. There should not be any second chance to a situation like this. If your wife/husband ditches you then for the sake of your self esteem just fuckin walk out of the relationship.

Fourth story is the cutest love story.

Liam Neeson’s wife dies after a long illness. Now Liam is just left with his stepson Sam hardly 11 years old. One fine day Sam shares his secret love for a girl in his school. The boy sees Billy Mack’s video and realizes that girls fall for musicians. Liam encourages him to learn how to play drums. Sam plays drums for Joanna while she sings in the Christmas performance “ All I Want For Christmas Is You”. But unfortunately, Sam is unable to grab Joana’s attention. Later, he comes to know that Joana is leaving to the United States. Liam encourages him to meet Joana at the airport.

love confession

Once they reach the airport they find Joanna heading to board the flight with her family. As expected the attendant refuses to allow Sam to cross the security check. Dramatically, the attendant gets distracted by another passenger enabling Sam to sneak in. He manages to get through Joanna and confesses his love for her and leaves. Joanna runs back to him and gives him a kiss on his cheek. He obviously gets startled and later curses himself of not giving her a kiss back.
This love story is mine and hubby’s favorite!!!!!