Unique 101 heart touching birthday wishes

Much awaited Unique 101 heart touching birthday wishes which are personalized as the qualities and the kind of relationship that I share with my friends/students/relatives/colleagues/seniors etc. I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who treat me right, so on their big Birthday day, I never copy-paste any message from …

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RAFT writing Sample

R.A.F.T writing (COVID-19) The school to the horrible Coronavirus GIS, Gems International School Palam Vihar, C 2 block Palam Vihar Gurugram 14th May, 2020 Dear Horrible COVID-19 I hope you know about everything you’ve done. killing lives, hurting people, and bringing this lockdown on to our country (India’s first-ever lockdown). …

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Will come out my shell till then hang on

Set your own pace Embrace your grace Your shell is the only place Where you will find the missing trace Sooner or later your heartening scars will erase Just move on at your own pace

Goodbye letters : Pain that healed me ; I am happy to say Goodbye

Goodbye letters: Pain that healed me: I am happy to say Goodbye I am happy to say goodbye   Legends say “Women quickly recognizes the eyes of the loved ones” “The touch of the loved ones is immediately recognized” “The commitment of the loved ones is instantly believed” But there …

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