Here We Bow Down To The True Legend Of Cricket


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Sachin Tendulkar adds one more page to a glittering career . As Sachin Tendulkar sets a world record of scoring the first ever double century in One day cricket ; he dismisses any prospects of resigning from cricket A breathtaking 200 runs by Sachin Tendulkar against South Africa made the spectators bow down once again on their knees showing the much deserved respect for India’s most powerful batsman , the pride of every Indian, the hope of every man’s struggle to thrive to achieve their goals. He is a living example of proving that there is no age bar in the field of sports.

Whenever you watch Sachin Tendulkar play you go through a great emotion of belonging, as if he is a family member!! I know it sounds outrageous but I have never felt like this for any other cricketer. More than anything else you require the modesty and the right kind of approach with which you play the game, even at 37 years of age he still remains the king of Cricket . It was a treat to watch Sachin Tendulkar to become the first man in the ODI history to attain a double century ; leaving the world’s best bowlers look up to the sky with a sense of helplessness.

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No matter for how many years he has played cricket but even now his zeal to score more and more runs is as swift as it was years ago. By far he remains the god like figure for “We The Indians”. After completing his dazzling power packed performance in Gwlaior he dedicated the record to all the Indians who stood by him in his ups and downs.

It’s not just his outstanding records which he has attained over and over again, it’s the kind of image he has formed since the very day he made his debut in 1989. Every single Indian looks up to him with a great sense of inspiration. I am sure Sachin Tendulkar will keep on delivering the best of best performances in the coming years; leaving the spectators hopping for more!

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Do Football Fans Really Give A Shit About The Players Sex Life?


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It’s quite preposterous when “we the people” try to peep inside the celebrities’ personal life. Recent outbreak of John Terry’s personal life disclosure where he betrayed his wife by having sex with some xyz girl!!!!

Why do we forget that the only factor that counts in the game is how the player play. So let’s not mix the whole business of performance at the pitch with his personal life outbreak. Chelsea supporters are not affected by the whole hush and gush that has been twisted out of the proportion about John Terry. I look up to John Terry not because he is handsome or whether he is faithful to his wife or not. At the same time I know what John Terry’s Wife and family must be going through it’s not easy.

Needless to say, the media has got spicy news where they can make hell lot of business by giving their judgment about John Terry’s character. I know for a fact that the media will stretch this for some more days but at last it will vanish like Tiger Woods extra marital affairs . This can be dragged to any extent but it doesn’t really affect football fans, provided he remains committed and proves his potential at the field.

It’s completely ridiculous on how we expect our heroes to be totally flawless. I like John Terry just because of one and the only reason. i.e – because he is the captain of Chelsea and his incredible performance makes a difference to Chelsea . I won’t give a shit if Fabio Capello or Carlo Ancellotti kicks John Terry out of the team the day he stops performing.

Go John Terry go – who the fuck are Man United?

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Such A Cry Baby


Christiano Ronaldo’s girl friend

What Cristiano Ronaldo has to say? After the dazzling win of Barcelona over Manchester United in Rome

“Cristiano Ronaldo has opined that Barcelona did not deserve to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals of the Champions League .”

What a laugh?? If Manchester United had won the Champions League then he would have bothered to speak out.. Why the fuck he didn’t express his opinion after the semi finals of the Champions League ???

Needless to say, Cristiano Ronaldo was under immense pressure which was created by the media. Yes the finals of the Champions league was Barcelona Vs Manchester United but there was also a rivalry between Messi Vs Ronaldo . Anyway, I will advise Christiano Ronaldo’s girl friend to take him out for a vacation to chill instead of blurting out things that doesn’t really make a difference.

I am a Chelsea supporter …and obviously I was disappointed when Chelsea lost the champions league last year . Let’s not talk about what happened this year in the semi finals because of that blind referee overbo . The situation went to the extent that he was even smuggled out of the UK. Anyway, I seriously wonder that why technology is not used in order to have a clear understanding of the angels that get missed or are doubtful