Deeply Hurt ? – Can I forgive and forget?

Can I forgive and forget? The reason you are here is most probably recently you had a breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend, caught your man cheating on you or thinking of rebuilding a failed relationship or you are seeking a divorce and ending your marriage.

There is a time in every relationship where you experience bitterness and anger because of circumstances and situations that leave you deeply hurt.

 Can I forgive and forget?

Can I forgive and forget?

It’s a human tendency to feel revengeful, bitter and hatred within you. It can lead to an emotional outbreak and it’s natural to experience the feelings of injustice and betrayal.
If you let the current state take over your present and future then you are yourself hindering your emotional growth. Henceforth, whatever happened in the past will not be the deciding factor of your well being. I would like to share this post for all the lovers out there who have gone through tough times and now seeking forgiveness to take charge of your life with positivity.

One person won’t define your life

I started to set the course of my life based on an incident that occurred in my life. There was a feeling of misery and I let my emotions feel depressed and seek answers of why I am going through this phase in my life. Then I started contemplating how long I can live in the phase where I no longer see any positivity in life. Remembering the incidents where I gave my best and endured everything made me even bitterer. Reliving all those times where I should have stood up and walked out, the feeling of regret trapped my mind and I started to curse myself.

After years of whimpering and engrossing all the gloomy thoughts I thought for how long I can live like this. Being a mother of a 5 years old son, made me actualize the need of having a happy state of mind where the only thing that mattered to me is to give him the best of everything. The quality time spent with him can only be worthwhile if I am happy from within. That day I decided to count my blessings. I started to contemplate what could have gone even worse in the current circumstances. I felt a sense of relief that I am capable of having a bright future.

The journey of self fulfillment started from forgiving someone and with a promise to myself that I won’t poison my own life with the feeling of revenge, resentment. That day I became strong and I mustered up strength and said to myself Yes I will forgive the other person and move on with the blessings that I have and that’s the day I felt I am the blessed child of god.

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  1. aky u’ ve inspired me , i now feel relieved…be blessed

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