08 DecDon’t Ignore The Symptoms Of Depression

symptoms of depression

Depression is a state of mind which leads to sadness; mostly people suffer because of the disappointments that they face in day to day life. If the situation becomes worse, then it can end up in a serious depressive disorder, which will require a special treatment. The symptom of depression varies from phase to phase, its crucial to analyze the kind of depression so that special attention should be given to cure depression.

Following are the main symptoms of depression:

1. You feel depressed, lost, bored and mad all the time.

2. You easily get tired; your energy level goes down.

3. You get isonomic or you hardly get any sleep, you get nightmares every night. Face constant difficulty in sleeping.

4. Your thought process gets disturbed which leads to lack of concentration, your decision power diminishes day by day. The level of productivity at your work place goes down drastically.

5. You loose interest in all the pleasurable activities you used to enjoy, like sex, hanging out with friends or family members; hence your life becomes dull.

6. You stop valuing yourself, low self esteem or guilt disturbs your mental peace.

7. You develop eating disorder, either you eat too much or you don’t feel like eating anything. You develop disturbed appetite.

8. You suffer physical chronic pains like headaches, chest pain and many other health disorders.

9. Feel too scared to face the outside world; don’t feel strong enough to compete, negative attitude traps your mind.

10. Suicidal thoughts can creep into your mind; you loose the meaning of your existence.

11. You feel irritable with a slightest provocation.

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