03 NovFree English lesson plan ‘The Ganges-A holy river’

Free English lesson plan ‘The Ganges-A holy river’

Lesson/Chapter – Unit-8 (The Ganges-A holy river)

Page/Exs: Student book page 39 Comprehension skills – B

Teaching aids – Whiteboard, A4 sheets, maps and Internet

Methodology: Elicit, S.S.T Co- curricular link was established by encouraging the students to search he Ganges River on India map and Vocabulary enhancement session was carried out (ghats, pilgrims,sacred,heal, bitter, journey and sins)


ganges river lesson plan

Name: Puja Brahmi

Subject: English

Grade: 4 B

Attendance: 27/29


Challenges: Some students faced difficulties in comprehending the meaning of some of the words and pictorial presentation was offered to make connections.

H.W assigned: Revise Unit -2 A Chinese story for the class test to be conducted on Tuesday.

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