Free Love Letters To Create Romance

Free Love Letters To Create Romance – Men often wonder what women want? Love letters are the most cherished desire of any women; whether it’s your wife, girlfriend or even your mother. I recently wrote a thank you love letter to my wife, this free romantic love letter you can use as an example while writing a love letter to her.

If you want to check out more free romantic love letters to wife  then oblige yourself by reading love letters of all kinds here that are real love letters for free. My main motive is to encourage men and women out there to write love letters to bring a smile on your loved ones face. In today’s demanding lifestyle we often forget the little things that strengthen the relationships.

Create Romance through love letters

Create Romance through love letters

A love letter to my wife from Italy…. (free online love letters)

I really don’t know how to answer this question. A lot has happened in our five years of relationship. I will be honest to you. No point hiding feelings or the real truth.

I really liked you when I first met you. But what I was so drawn to you through your family and the way all of you are so attached to each other. Your parents were and are the most precious love in my life. Especially Your father, He was the father that I have been waiting for for all my life.
Then we spent three weeks of knowing each other and got engaged then you went to the U.S to finish your post-graduation. I was in Dubai and yes I missed you. I was alone for two years before we met and I wanted to get to know you better. But that never happened. All the issued related to my side of the family just dropped on me like bricks. And then it was like your family supporting me. Any person at that time would be like OK I like her and her family is the grown-ups that I have been looking for. And I think this is what I want to work for.

Then we got married. It’s not that you were madly in love with me. You have told me. We were young and wanted an anchor, wanted not to be alone. You had pressure on getting married. But the truth is we were not in love like mad. It was almost like arranged. You found me a different person from what you had met. So that was special. and you are honest and straight forward and beautiful. And you were just coming into the real world.
Then I got a new and stable job in Italy happened and how you supported me for the time period we were apart.

I realized that a wife such as you would do anything for me. And then you came to Italy. But by that time I was just crazy about you. Finally after one year of marriage we would be alone. The thing that I love most was that when we walked anywhere you kept your hand on my elbow and walked. That has never happened before. And that means so much to me.


Create Romance through love letters to her

Create Romance through love letters to her

But then we started to find out about each other. How we live together, the differences and issues. We did not know before. We went out like a normal couple. We were enjoying each other. There were evenings out to coffee shops and our conversations about life in general and hanging out to our favorite Chinese joint. So that time it was love and sensuality.

So if you ask me your love has taken a beating by the problems we encounter and the fact that I lied about many things so that I could be a part of your life. But you have never stopped caring and being there for me. Whether it was encouraging me to pursue further education or traveling and being away from you.

Now talking about love
I love you as family – As my wife – as the mother to my child. I think we have completed our responsibilities as husband and wife. As mother and father. You are taking care of him so I can work and provide for the family so we can have a life.

But that is where I am confused because of the music I listen to and the books I have read. My understanding of love was the madness. It was like just dying and doing things illogical and crazy, like taking a plane from Dubai to Bangkok, like Hong Kong. Not thinking about the consequences. Just falling and feeling the pain of being madly in love, like crying in the night of not being able to hold your loved one in her arms. Like seeing her face and feeling her voice.

I have felt like that for you. But I won’t lie and say that I have not felt like that all the time know five years and you know the last year it was so close to an end.

But then I realized that what love really is. It’s sticking out the problems together and being there for one another. I think I have not done that enough for you like you have. I guess the only time I remember where I was just there for you as much as I could was before and after delivery. That was also because at that time we were going through so much financial problems.

Romance with her through love letters

Romance with her through love letters

You restarting your career after being a mother, seeing you go to work and making you cold coffee and omelet is the least I could do.

I look back at this marriage and I think I have not appreciated you enough. I have just thought that my effort should be more appreciated.

One thing is for sure that there are these occasions where we are thinking the same thing. And it’s epic! Like we saw the girl crying on the Valentine day in the metro in Italy and after years one evening we thought of that moment at the same time.

And even the last night I was thinking about love and then you send me a mail like that asking “When did I realize that you love me” because I actually wanted to find out for myself.

My definition of love is different from your definition of love. I think we should be Able to be that definition for one another.

But then you see movies or romantic videos and you feel just like is this love?
Is this what It’s all about the madness?
But then I also realize that madness is not enough for a short time. Two months ago you called on Skype and I took the next flight to see you.
I am like that. I need that passion madness. What I have to work hard on is being a more caring husband. If I give myself a report card on what kind of a husband I have been well I would give

99% for madness and immaturity
45% for caring
80% for responsible
And what matters is actual day to day care.

After five years I realize that my madness is like not the be all and end all. It’s what happens after the romantic movie ends, what happens when the reality of life becomes important. What happens when you have bills and maids, furniture and petrol. I have never ever been in a relationship steady for so long. Even with my parents I have never been steady for so long. No woman has been with me for so long.

Then what is love. Love is not about holding hands but it is amazing to hold hands. The glamour sides of love are the dates and the love making. But the reality is being responsible parents, holding money instead of prawns at basement Chinese restaurant all the times.

So now when did I fall in love like mad for you? It was in Italy, when we used to walk around in the weekends. When we first discovered you were pregnant. When you sang a David Bowie song after the hospital. By that time things were just like heaven.

But Last year I realized that we do not love each other anymore.

I cannot change myself too much as neither can you? You are practical and mature and want things done properly. I am spontaneous and fun loving. Who is not fun loving. But I think like I wanna party a lot. Who does not want to party? But my tell party is darkness, you, red wine and speakers and we have never done that.

This free love letter is just one of among free romantic love letters that I wrote to my life.

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