10 JulGoddess Lakshmi On A meat Burger? What’s the message?

goddess lakshmi on a meat burger

I know the subject line is quite startling for all of you..it also captured my attention…
The add illustrates Goddess lakshmi on a meat burger and the catch phrase is “ A snack that is sacred”
Needless to say, the act has resulted into a lot of criticism. The point is – how can you associate the goddess with the whole idea of promotion? And what’s so sacred about a meat burger?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t like! I do agree I am also one of those millions of Indians who express our rage whenever we witness Indian Goddesses used for commercial publicity. Whenever any company has used any Indian goddesses it has caused an outcry among “We the Indians”– The last time I Saw the Images of Lord Rama on bikinis which were designed by Roberto Cavalli. Eventually, he had to pull out the whole stock from the market with an official apology.

Why Indians treat these kinds of acts as a heinous crime?

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