22 OctHow Can You Justify Polygamy? –Who To Blame?

Why polygamy is still being practiced?

  • How can anyone justify “polygamy” as a religious belief?
  • And how can the government re-establish the women who have been the victim of polygamy? In the past the way the government did was taking away all the kids from the polygamy women. Will it resolve the issue??
  • Let’s discuss on the ways to eradicate the religious belief which is attached with polygamy. Is Polygamy an excuse to have multiple partners?
  • What I understand is that “polygamy is a type of oppression and slavery where children are forced to follow the religious beliefs of polygamy. Young girls get married at an early age to older men. Some are even sexually molested by their own parents. Every single women living in polygamy goes through rape, sexual abuse and as a result their human rights are violated.
  • Many Muslim men in the US secretly get married to multiple wives. Why it’s still not being reported? In Africa almost all the women have experienced Polygamy. Why it’s still not reported in the media.

We often think that why these women are not coming forward if they are being victimized. Are they really happy in the kind of environment they are living in? But how can we ignore the fact that there is a possibility that ‘they are quiet because of fear of being taken away from their kids. And most of the polygamy women are too scared to stand against their religious community without any support. Most of the polygamy women are not educated and are dependent on their husbands for financial help.

It’s a high time to stop the perilous practice of polygamy.


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2 Responses to “How Can You Justify Polygamy? –Who To Blame?”

  1. vinni says:

    why would women agree to it in the first place?

  2. Pooja.Brahmi says:

    Hi Vinni,

    How are you doing?

    The question which you raised also got me thinking in the past. Why women practice polygamy? There is no one reason behind women choosing to be a part of polygamy community. Some of the reasons can be

    •They feel secured with settled men, who can take care of them and their future children.
    •This is the way their mothers, grandmothers have been living. So it becomes a practice of following the same tradition of marrying at a very young age to old men.
    •Lack of financial support compel some women to be a part of family where she won’t face any financial crisis. (Even if she has to share her husband with other women)
    •Lack of support system in order to stand against the majority of people who share strong religious beliefs.
    •Aftermath of going against the polygamy community could be dangerous for them. Even if polygamy women raise their voice against the polygamy practice, still women need the help of institutions that would make her voice heard in the media.

    And btw the right term is “polygny” Will revise the article.

    Take Care

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