30 DecHow I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind

How I got my ex boyfriend/girlfriend out of my mind

I also used to struggle to wash away the memories of my girlfriend from my mind.

1. Initially you can’t curb natural depressing emotions

It’s very natural to feel dishearten when you see someone you truly loved leaving your life. I understand the hurt as I myself have experienced the same journey where the girl I passionately loved left me. It took months for me to muster up strength to even do my day to day work. I would admit without any hesitation that I did feel revengeful for a long time and contemplated all the acts with the motive to put her down. But little did I know that it won’t make me feel better in any possible way.


2. Your thoughts define your way of living

Whatever happens, happens for good.

The thoughts that devastated me emotionally physically:

At the time my girl friend left me I was cursing my destiny, god, friends around me and my girlfriend. I was feeling more distressed with my life. My hardship didn’t end there, it had a direct impact on my work, my business went through a drastic slowdown. On top of it, the whole circumstances took a toll on my health as I indulged into emotional eating and gained an immense amount of weight.

3. The thoughts that uplifted me:

One fine day I was pondering the change in me since the time my girlfriend left me. I started to jot down the way I transformed my life and how my actions and thoughts affected me in the worst possible way.

I suffered a big financial loss in my business.
I gained a lot of weight.
I lost touch with some of my really good friends.
I stopped taking care of myself and that even lead to me being hospitalized.

…………………………….. Then I wondered how could I drag my life like this?

4. The first incident that made me happy!


One fine day I went for a morning walk and started to watch people around me. Every single person around me was full of energy, whether it were kids playing around, couples jogging or old couples walking sharing a good laugh.

I continued to walk for an hour and after that I sat down on a bench. All of a sudden I got hit on my back by a football, I looked around and I saw a bunch of boys screaming please kick the ball towards us. I smiled and got up and kicked the ball. Later, I realized that I smiled after such a long time.

When I got back home I was all sweaty and went to take a bath, had a cup of coffee. Later, I felt relaxed and calm, the feeling which was a thing of past. Next day I woke up early and went to the same park, watched the same group of boys playing. I wanted to join them as Football is my favorite game, initially I felt hesitant but then I waved my hand towards them and to my surprise all of them reciprocated my greeting and said COMEONE Man! I felt great and ran towards them and thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the enthusiastic bunch of guys. Since then every morning playing football became part of my daily routine.

5. The second occurrence that changed the viewpoint towards my life!

Grieving will be there for a long time, but if it converts into torturing your own existence then it can destroy your own survival.

Your life is too precious and nobody else except you can control your life. TAKE CHARGE NOW!
The reason your heart is wretched is because you miss the presence of someone with whom you used to share little moments of life in general. If one fine day the person chose to walk away from your life, will your life come to an end?! Your life is too precious to be controlled by someone who walked away from your life.

6. The third lesson is the realization of the lessons you learnt from the heartbreak!

Sooner or later, you will definitely have the gleam of love in your life. Though your current state of mind will not believe in “LOVE” It’s ordinary to have a feeling of blaming your ex for the break-up.

The realization of where you went wrong, things you have done differently can be a great lesson learnt for any future relationship that you would build. It will enable you to create a stronger relationship and bring more stability in a relationship.

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