I Am Heartbroken? Hold On Take Charge And Smile

I am Heartbroken… Do you end up feeling heartbroken? Read this and you will have a reason to smile in order to mend your broken heart. Before you leave don’t forget to read some of the best heartbroken motivational inspirational quotes.

Don’t we all go through phases when you find tough to carry on. I hate to say it, but most of us feel hurt because of relationships. Everything around us look dull, nothing seems to make a difference in lifting up your spirit. No matter how hard you try to pretend to the outer world that you are fine you fail every time!

Majority of people are living in a distressing relationship and some are at the brink of putting an end to it, while others are still grieving after their break up. Relationships require the investment of emotions, the feelings that comes right from your heart. When your emotions are hurt, you think of all those good old days and the dreams you shared.

My dear friend… hold on to the hope, you need to mend all the distressing emotions, feelings and glue it together and give a new life to something that has lost its soul.

“I took a chance, I took a shot
And you may think I’m bullet-proof, but I’m not.
You took a swing, I took it hard.
And down here from the ground I see who you are”?

Taylor Swift

“Well, now
If little by little you stop loving me
I shall stop loving you
Little by little
If suddenly you forget me
Do not look for me
For I shall already have forgotten you

If you think it long and mad the wind of banners that passes through my life
And you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots
That on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms
And my roots will set off to seek another land”

Pablo Neruda, Selected Poems

“Did I really want to stay on this road longer, knowing it was only going to end in devastation?”
 Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

“Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.”
Fulton J. Sheen
“I was smiling yesterday,I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow.Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.”

Sometimes we ponder to ourselves that why life is being cruel to us? Why Do we feel disappointment in every step we take, we tend to wonder how long we can continue staying on the road that will keep on pushing us back… The comfort that you look around that time will only come from your own heart. The battle of your own life is your own battle … You need to take charge to fill the void within you, before the emptiness lead you to devastation and you feel like a looser!

Get up and do something that gives you happiness, .it can be anything… Planting in your garden, writing your emotions on a piece of paper, taking your dog out for a walk …just about anything…. Just divert your mind to something that makes you forget about your heartache and the situation you are in.

Pooja Brahmi

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