14 FebI Am Sexy- You Have The Money- Let’s Get Married!!!

sexy girls

A girl looks into the mirror declaring that she is extremely sexy and beautiful. And then she wonders is this all you need to have a millionaire husband . The answer to this question is Yes! At least that’s what you need to have to participate in series where you contest with other girls to marry a multi millionaire guy?

  • Let me figure this out how it works – One fine day one mutli- millionaire guy introspects he has hell lot of money now all he needs is a sexy girl statue in the form of a wife! There are thousands of marriage agencies where you can find innumerable girls who are seeking multi millionaire guys . Can’t they simply avail their services. I guess they are show off pigs with a complete downright intention of gaining publicity.
  • Firstly, I wanted to talk about these girls who participate in reality TV like these where every single girl is contending against almost 50 girls for what ?? MONEY .How their brain works..? Don’t you think it’s kind of same as prostitution? The only difference I can strike is these participants got a platform where they are asked to behave like beauty queens. I won’t just accuse these girls who are eying for rich men but also those multi millionaire men who opt for this sickening manner of selecting their future wives.
  • Reality TV like these where girls get a chance to marry a rich guy will keep on rocking. Most of the reality TV series have done insanely good business where they allure the public to live in a fantasy world and find love and romance. How desperate the public get to watch 50 slim girls showing off their body in bikini contests with just one intention of wooing THAT millionaire guy to marry her. I hate to use the word “prostitution” but love to state facts and speak up my mind – where girls do the same job of wooing men for MONEY.
  • What message this concept is giving out to the people? The ultimate priority of a girl who is sexy and extremely good looking is to hunt for a multi millionaire guy. No matter to what extent they have to go for it. Breasts implants uhah ouch? Crash dieting? SUX or may be to wear (uncomfy) G-String panties all the time to allure rich guys in the block – I guess this sounds a good deal than choosing a prostitution industry to sell their bodies. I believe before participating in any series like these they should consult a dictionary and understand the institution of marriage.
  • I am sure all the upcoming reality TV series of  marrying a rich guy will rock because there are thousands of millionaire out there who wants to show it to the world that their money can buy anything. And at the same time there are thousands of poster prostitutes mind set girls who think their body is enough to woo a man. One thing which is quite appreciable is the way the reality TV has pulled the concept of finding love in the most successful way. But in the end it’s all CRAP

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