I Kind Of Agree With Bill Gates

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Bill Gates doesn’t really like social networking sites – he finds it extremely irrirating!
He states” Everyday he gets over 10,000 add requests on Facebook!!!

The reason I also don’t like social networking sites is not because of the same reason as I am not a big personality!!!! I would prefer mailing my friends or family members over messaging them on social networking sites. I have seen millions of people who are so obsessed with social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and so on. What makes these social networking sites so famous?

Some people get on the social networking sites to make new friends and some become a member to contact old friends and others for business networking purposes. Except the second reason the others are quite useless. I have always questioned the credibility of contacting a complete stranger on internet. But I do like one thing i.e to interact with other people to have a debate on topics that interest you. That’s quite interesting to indulge in a conversation where you can share your views on any possible topic

Pooja Brahmi

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  1. Well Social Networking Engines are really making a big debate throughout the world and there are people on the both sides i.e who support this concept and people who hate this concept. Surprisingly BOTH are ‘Succesful’ in their own ways in their respective lives. They have their own ‘Justified’ point of views over the relevance of Social Networking Engines.

    Well I think rather than blaming or praising a technology or facility one should actually be little bit more centric towards him/her in this regard. As observed by me over the last few years I have found out that these social networking engines can be both used either to abuse or to enhance in one’s all time personal growth in terms of knowledge or even people of his/her similar taste. I have seen many people getting their love of the life, many people actually kinda getting duped or mislead by the false promises or even cheated etc. On the professional side I really social networking sites very helpful as it helps us developers/engineers/doctors to share the knowledge.

    This young generation wants everything without much efforts. Now days we are reluctant to go to the publicly hosted seminars as that involves Transportation Fees, Extra Time from our work schedules and so on .. So online discussion forums etc can cater need of such needs but at the same time can be abused as its very easy to be a false pretender or a con online.

    I think that it depends on the person to person that how he/she actually utilizes the social networking platforms according to her/his background, friend’s culture or career essences.

    The job of the Discoverers or concept generators is to provide a facility/service/idea and its the ‘Discretion’ of the given person that how he/she utilizes it as an angel or a daemon 😉 😉

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