20 MayIs Barack Obama slowly sliding into the position of Bush administration on Guantanamo Bay


torture techniques at guantanamo bay


Recently, there has been some kind of blazing war going on between Nancy Pelosi and the CIA. Nancy Pelosi has accused the CIA of lying on the fact that she was briefed about the torture techniques for the terrorists groups carried out in Guantanamo Bay. Obviously she refutes this claim by the CIA.


That makes me think on what we the people actually think about the whole scenerio. Without any doubt the terrorists go through severe torture techniques in Guantanamo Bay. In the past at several occasions, the human rights organization has criticized the bush government defending the torture techniques used on the criminals. But the fact remains “Geneva Convention” clause is only applicable for uniformed soldiers. Therefore, there were no strong actions which were taken against the torture techniques that were being carried out at Guantanamo Bay.


But things seemed to change when Barrack Obama claimed and passed an order that Guantanamo Bay will be shut down in a year or so. That very time I had certain qualms about his claims. There are many reasons attached to it that why Guantanamo should not be closed or rather can’t be closed. So are we actually witnessing Obama smoothly gliding into the shoes of Ex Bush Administration?    


The utmost important point that comes to everybody’s mind is the national security. No government will take any responsibility and loose their votes by issuing something that can endanger the security of their citizen. Every time we talk about the detention of terrorists the same question pops up. Now what’s the next step? When the government captures any kind of terrorists, either the detainee should be produced to the court and the proceeding should take a brief amount of time to declare the final decision. Later on, either the detainee should be hanged to death or should be released based on the whole situation.



BUT HOLD ON Do We Really Give A Shit On How the Terrorists Get Treated?

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