Is He Gay Or Just Has A Bad Taste?



is he gay


Have you ever asked yourself oh is he gay? What are the signs to know that he is gay?

Do you think that there are some particular signs of sexuality which reflect in your taste, the way you behave or the way you carry yourself?


Firstly, this article has no intension to offend gays!! I completely believe in the right to choose the kind of life you wanna lead. All of us have to some extent have become accustomed to lesbians, gays or bi – sexual. It no longer astonishes or bothers me.


Nevertheless, you will find some section of people who are not “so much” comfortable with it. I guess the only indication which I had in my mind long time back about gays – Colorful clothes, extra tight pants or a particular style of talking. But over a period of time I have realized that there is no particular generalization of gays!!



I will reiterate that I am sharing my views just for fun!!


I think when I see a guy behaving in the following style I find it weird and the first thing that comes to my mind is Oh he is gay! That doesn’t necessarily means he is gay !!!!!!!!


  • If a guy moves his hands too much. Dude Relax
  • If a guy wears earring in both the ears.
  • If he wears shoes with heals. I know the height factor is very important for men. But I find short men equally attractive.
  • If he wears tight fitting clothes, especially leather pants where the shape of his back and front is just popping out;) Leave some space to breathe dude.
  • If he wears colorful clothes. I know its sad – men don’t have many choices of colors. But what to do!!
  • If while eating his smallest finger is up.
  • If he wears jewellery. Yeesh I hate jewelries on men. I have seen some men wearing a bracelet also. Jesus! Just a classy watch is enough to make you look classy;)
  • If you like cat over dogs!!!
  • If you kiss your guy friend while hugging.
  • If you watch gay porn.
  • If you think pink color suit on you over black.
  • If you get your eyebrows done.
  • If you sleep in pajamas over shorts.
  • If you don’t stare at sexy girls;) Because all men do. If they don’t then they are pretending they don’t!!
  • If you wrap a chain around your waist!!!
  • If he walks in a swinging motion!!


Now comes what my husband thinks about signs that he is gay! Some of the explanations are laughable.

 is he gay


  • If a guy washes his face after coming from the office. [ The reason he says is because I insist on it ]
  • If a guy choose vegetables over non – veg [ Again I insist on having nutritious diet so his way of getting away with it is saying oh its too gay ]
  • If a guy wears pointed shoes [ Fine I kind of agree with this ]
  • If a guy applies oil on his body [ I don’t think so, huh this is also I insist to avoid dry body. But just a little secret he uses johnsons baby oil – I find that weird] huhhh
  • If a guy is letting the other guy help you wear a coat. Like in the restaurants when you take off your coat, so while leaving there is always one guy who hands you over the coat and as a courtesy thing he helps you wear it. But what hubby does – he just takes the coat and moves away!!!!
  • If a guy doesn’t watch porn then he is gay [ haha I also think like that because let’s face facts all men watch porn. If you think your guy doesn’t then you have a wrong impression.]
  • Those men who don’t like football are gay!
  • If he prefers vanilla ice cream over chocolate icecream.
  • If he prefers milk over strong coffee.
  • This is the most laughable but I kind of agree !!! If your man doesn’t go down on you then he is gay!!!!!!!!! Haha
  • If he likes decorating the house.
  • If he is very particular about cleanliness. [ This is just his excuse to create mess all the time.]
  • If you pass too much smile at other men.

 Alright folks that’s it for now. Do share on what you think “are the signs that he is gay”.


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