06 OctIs It A Mask Of Insanity or Sanity?

How do we label a killer? Statistically, the regular serial killer has the following traits:-

  • The killer most probably will choose vulnerable targets
  • In most of the cases, the killer is not familiar with the victims.
  • The killer commits murders of over 4-5 victims.
  • The victims are not related to each other and have no connections with each other.
  • The killer in most of the cases has no connection with each other.
  • The killer’s main motive is to dominate the victim.
  • The killer’s goes through a ruthless psychological imbalance.
  • The way of murder also defines some particular trait of the killer.

Needless to say, the serial killers give a number of false justifications to blame some other factors in their lives.

  • We the common people don’t usually study the mind of the Serial Killers. Most people just get away by saying “They are insane”
  • If you actually take out some time in order to gain a deep understanding of the mind of the serial killers you will realize that it’s a obscured subject.
  • Of course, the first conclusion which all us derive about the serial killers is that “they are evil” or “they are abnormal”.
  • However, all were born normal then how come they turned out to be beast like.
  • How a normal person turns out to be a slaughter?
  • The study suggests that the trait of the serial killers start reflecting in the early age only.
  • Indeed the topic seems fascinating to all of us. But it can’t be covered in one article.
  • There are hundreds of Serial killers that have been caught and convicted. Many researchers spent lot of time in studying their behavior. But still why the serial killers are hard to spot.

One Response to “Is It A Mask Of Insanity or Sanity?”

  1. manas mishra says:

    It was really good to read this. As always when we talk or hear about this topic,its always like either thrill or anger. But this kind of humane view is very rare which really needed to come to people. good work.
    And the first line of last cluster of the facts is really touching……great.

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