08 DecLend A Helping Hand To Your Depressed Friend

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In our lives we all value true friends and you always want to be with in all the good and bad times. When you notice your friend showing symptoms of depression, then without any doubt you feel like helping your depressed friend. Tell your friend that how his/her happiness means to you.

Make your friend feel loved and wanted. Once your friend realizes that you care for him/her it will give your friend a big boost in building a trust level towards you. Sometimes there are some personal matters which people want to keep it to themselves. So in order to gain the other person’s faith we need to gain their confidence that you won’t let them down in any ways.

1. You need to be patient while your friend shares her/his fears and sorrows. Don’t form your opinion too quickly about the whole situation. First let your friend open up and don’t interrupt or blame your friend if you think that he/she did something wrong. You need to be patient while listening to your friend otherwise you will make her/his situation more miserable.

2. Once your friend has shared his/her side of the story, show that how much you love them. When you are depressed it’s obvious to feel dejected from the outer world and the feel of rejection makes you suicidal and depressed. Under these circumstances all you need is love and someone who accepts you the way you are.
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3. Don’t force your friend to come out of his/her depressed state of mind. You should give your friend enough time to accept the present situation and move on with life. When you are depressed you often lose control on yourself.

4. Boost confidence in your friend by telling that how he/she has helped you in the past and how it helped you in overcoming tough times. Appreciate all those times when your friend stood by you. Encourage your dear friend that he/she can also combat depression.

5. Advice your friend to meditate or pray every morning in order to seek peace of mind with a positive outlook towards life. Sometimes when we go through tough times and tend to question our self that why god abandoned me? It’s a natural sign to loose faith on god, so at that particular moment don’t oppose your friend. It can lead to an argument which will add to the resentment.

6. Offer some writing suggestions to your friend. These days we have thousands of sites where you can open up and share your opinion. It really helps you in lightning up all your subdued emotions.

7. If your friend doesn’t accept any suggestions which you offered him/her then don’t make an issue. If you are not able to convince your fiend to choose the right way then as a friend it’s natural to feel exasperated. It’s obvious that you desperately want your friend to come out of his/her depressive state of mind. But always remember it won’t be that easy to heal your friend’s emotions.

The best you can do for your depressed friend is to offer few suggestions and let your friend decide which one is the best for him/her. Leave the final decision to your friend. Assure your friend that you are always there for him/her in any kind of situation.

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  1. Piyo says:

    Well if u know ur friend well then reach out to him and say

    You need coolin, baby, Im not foolin,
    Im gonna send you back to schoolin,
    Way down inside honey, you need it,
    Im gonna give you my love,
    Im gonna give you every inch of my love,
    Gonna give you my love.
    Yeah! all right! lets go!

  2. Pooja.Brahmi says:


    I can’t see how this song is related to the post.. Please post relevant comments.. No special treatment will be given to you;) Next time I will disapprove..


  3. PRITAM. K says:


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