10 AugLet’s Play The Trick – Know The Ways To Look Slim And Stunning

Am I looking fat in this dress? How can I get slim? or How do I look? And blah blah! The one question which almost every women on this world must have asked?

I don’t know how many times I have asked this question to myself. Needless to say, it makes me feel like a Silly Girl ! But argh what to do? There are many women who just cant get rid of their bulging fat. Even if you are not fat, still you are unsatisfied with your extra fat and whenever you choose to wear tight skimpy outfits you tend to feel awkward and don’t feel confident of carrying yourself in an impressive way. Anyway, I am here to share some tips on how to look slim?

How can the right outfit take away those extra pounds?

The very first step towards looking good is not to feel bad about yourself. Just focus on the right approach of shedding off weight and looking fabulous no matter of what size you are. Based on my experience I have noticed that Overweight people don’t socialize, solely because of one main reason – that they don’t want to be called fat, or made fun of their outfit which looks like a tent on them! I have few easy tips to dress for all those people who feel conscious of their appearance because of those few extra pounds. The foremost step to have an appealing look is to wear a charming smile , always make an eye contact with people around you. 

How to experiment with colors

Overweight people prefer black clothes because of the very fact that in black they look slim. In fact I do agree on that! After all black looks classy, elegant and sexy! Don’t feel reluctant to experiment with colors; especially that goes well with your skin texture. It will not only make you look stunning but will also bring a confidence in you to carry off yourself with class! So this time when you go out to shop don’t be afraid to pick up a colorful outfit for yourself!

Are you short? Do you want to elongate your body?

I know sometimes you don’t have control over few factors of your body. One of them is your height. But that doesn’t imply that you should feel bad about it. Try to look around, you will notice hundreds of short height Hollywood actress who look quite sophisticated in any outfit! The trick lies in choosing the right attire to look tall.

So what I recommend is to wear pants that cover your heals, this way your legs will appear longer. Try wearing classy sandals with broad heels, as pencil heal can be quite painful to carry it off.

Not too loose and not too tight

You may think that oversized clothes can cover your imperfections but it won’t make you look appealing. It will not only make you look shapeless. Get a dress that gives your body the right fitting. If you have extra flab on your thighs and butt then go for stylish skirts.

Try to avoid those outfits that have frills. For example trousers or skirts with pleats around the waist area is a Big No!

Now comes the accessorizing part

If you have some extra fat around your waist then don’t experiment with big belts. And If you have a double chin then you should avoid wearing deep neckline blouses.

Every person has some or the other lovely body features, you will only realize it if you will start looking yourself with the positive outlook.

These are just some of the tips to look stunning no matter of what size you are! Our main motive is to accentuate the positive points of your physique. Don’t be embarrassed, there is a huge market of clothing for overweight people; experiment with your style and taste. Have a regular workout plan for at least 1 hour a day /5 times a week. Learn ways to Meditate and introduce an effective healthy diet plan to have a healthy soul – mind and body.

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