Letter from a criminal to his so called wife

Letter from a criminal to his so called wife who has been mentally and emotionally drained because she showed courage to stand up and fight for what she has suffered all these years. The harassment still continues but she will not give up, she is not afraid of anyone. Till the last drop of blood in me I will not give up.

He must state in his next mail. My dear wife I am the culprit, I have deceived you on the following grounds.
1. I married you and concealed the fact that I am already married , thus forced you into a bigamous marriage which you would not have entered otherwise.
2. I also concealed the facts about my education.
3. I married you with the ulterior motives.
4. I tortured you physically and mentally
5. I accept that what I did was wrong and legally I am not your husband , moreover I have thrusted upon you the responsibility of a child all alone.
6. The tortures didn’t end here , I have been doing everything legal illegal to get rid of both of you and want to start my life at some better place.
7 And yes I do have a share in the property we have in our joint names. I will come sometime in your life back to claim my child and the money. Till then you be the custodian of whatever shit I have thrown at you.
8.Last but not the least let me pretend to be the sufferer and beg you mercy on WhatsApp but behold publicly or in court or before the inquiry officer I am going to blame you and your family only.
9. Most importantly this is my today’s version of forgiveness , tomorrow may be I will accuse you of adultery…haaaan….so be prepared.

Pooja Brahmi

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