22 AprLisa Ray Is All Set To Rock The World All Over Again

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Recently, I read a post about Lisa Ray on a blog, and contemplated to myself that why I never wrote a post about her. (Thanks to my son Joshua who keeps me engaged). She has always been my favorite actress, her sizzling look and dazzling eyes fascinated me. (oops don’t take me wrong am straight!) I remember her Afreen Afreen song where she became every guy’s dream girl. After doing a bunch of Bollywood and Hollywood movies here and there, she did a few memorable roles. One day I heard some news about Lisa Ray being diagnosed with the rarest form of cancer.
But today I am not here to share any more heartbreaking news of Lisa Ray, it’s the time for some Good news for Lisa Ray fans. The clouds of a traumatizing phase has finally cleared up and now a new lease of life is knocking right at her doorstep. A re-birth of Lisa Ray, and an example for all those people who are struggling from cancer. Just hang in there, eventually you will win all your battles!
After going through a vigorous medical treatment for a very rare kind of cancer called “Multiple Myeloma” she has finally recovered. She is cancer free NOW. She began her treatment on 2July 2009 after being diagnosed from cancer on 23 June 2009. In the last 9 months she went through a heartbreaking phase of never ending battle of steroids, medication and what not. Her situation became so worse that she even lost her lustrous hair, her pale face with no hair pictures were being circulated in the media. When you are in the entertainment industry it becomes a breaking news when you watch someone who was so beautiful in this distressful condition. Nonetheless, she embraced her bald look with lot of dignity and fortitude.

She even shared her bald look pictures on her blog. Mostly people at her stage will go into depression or get extremely heartbroken but she never showed any sign of giving up. She even joked about her situation on her blog and always updated her fans about the kind of treatment she is undergoing. She is one of the few inspiring Bollywood actresses I know who have inspired me to never give up on any situation. All this while she endured a lot, but she never complained to god.
So ladies and gentlemen!!! Face the world with determination and never let yourself down. Only your thoughts and faith in yourself will determine your success. The basic lesson of life is to endure the suffering and overcome it with pride and determination.
Once asked about have you ever broke down in front of god asking Why me?
“Isn’t it only natural though to feel anger at being subject to such a condition? “I was so hoping you would ask me this question,” Lisa says, “Let me compare my situation to the predicament that the inimitable tennis champion Arthur Ashe, who contracted HIV during the blood transfusions he received during his second heart surgery. When a reporter asked him whether he felt angry about his condition, he said, ‘Well, if I were to question that, then I would also have to ask God why he gave me all the fame, success and money right?

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  1. Journomuse says:

    Nice piece….And I’m glad my post inspired you to come up with this one. Arthur Ashe’s comment is indeed an inspiration. He was a fine man, who lived and died with dignity.

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