Love Letter To My Wife saying “Don’t Give Up On Us” Don’t say Goodbye

It’s very easy to write a goodbye letter when circumstances are so tough to carry on. But I chose not to; I know we have been having huge differences on every possible situation; still the thought of leaving you for rest of my life haven’t cropped up in my mind.

Don’t say goodbye I love you letter

There are two ways to look at life. Either you look at only the negative or try to see the goodness. Yes I want you to be calm, but not all the time. It’s just that sometimes you don’t have to react. Please tell me something, just read the emails I write. You are always talking about the end. And Am I talking about the future. We and I am repeating.

Don't say goodbye I love you letter

Don’t say goodbye I love you letter

Love was there but it is being pushed to a very difficult corner.

I am also missing love and attention. What have I done so horrible I just don’t get it. Do I have other women in my life. I mean come on. Why such indignation. Can you not just sort of take things more simple, you have forgotten how to enjoy life. You are too obsessed about being practical and securing future. No one in the world can ever secure everything. Where we started? We didn’t even have a home. What did we have. Tell me?. How can you quit and say you have lost hope? after being together for over 8 years in this marriage; we have seen every phase of life, ups and down.

Don't say goodbye I love you letter

Don’t say goodbye I love you letter

Tell me where are the evening walks, when do we sit together and at least have the time to have a sip of coffee together? Did we go to five stars, did we take vacations. NOTHING. and look now. Did you know then how your life would be like, did you know we would have most of our dreams come true. Even though during this time we went through issues.

Whose life is secure? Tell me. Again I am not saying insurance is not important, but I am saying Jesus we don’t have any fun anymore. Together. Fun at home with each other. It’s all about responsibilities and stuff. Those will never ever go. And one day we will be old.
I feel you love being old. Or something . I don’t. I am young and I want to have fun. Life gets over too soon. It’s just yesterday I met you and seven years have gone by, years that should make us strong.

I read this interview of this pop diva called pink. And she is talking about how when she sees her husband with her daughter it makes her love her man more, we don’t have to compete and we cannot do what the other person does. We cannot do the other persons job. We have to share out own. We are not rivals. I am not your enemy.

You think by being soft and vulnerable and loving your husband will make you week or I will become dominating. It is just crazy bullshit which you have embedded in your head. That’s just it true, we can have a great romantic and loving marriage. This is our time. And it will never come back. We are in our prime. Don’t let the future or other things get in the way. There has to be a balance. Can’t you enjoy what you do have?

Do you still feel that you want to say “Goodbye to your husband”

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