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My Love Letters to My wife – Our free love letters samples which we keep on updating to help you write love letters to him/her has helped millions of lovers. Everyday thousands of visitors visit our site and get inspired by our collection of free sample love letters.

Our main purpose of sharing real love letters is to reciprocate the depth and expression of love. We share free written love letters; because the satisfaction that we get by inspiring lovers to write love letters by articulating their love to wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband is priceless!

Love Letter To My Wife

Love Letter To My Wife

My personal experience – Things I do to bring a smile on my wife’s face ( what women want from men in a relationship)

A heartfelt love letter to my wife does wonders in bringing a smile on my wife’s face. Even if I am buying a romantic birthday card for my wife even then I make sure that I write a romantic birthday note for my wife on it, to add a personal touch to a birthday card.

When I have a long travel schedule, I send long romantic emails to my wife. And there are some free romantic e – cards websites where you can personalize your card by adding a personalized sweet note to your wife, something that she would love to hear when she is away from you. Just stick to simple words and be eloquent in pouring out your love.

There are thousands of trusted websites where you can deliver a bunch of rose’s right at your door steps. Surprise your wife by ordering a romantic note tagged on a bunch of her favorite flowers.

This is a short love letter to my wife which I wrote in the plane while travelling to Bangkok

You know wifey….

You are a lot like Mick Jagger, bringing direction to my life. Being Practical. I am more like Keith.

Well baby my flight is at 13.30, so will leave by 10a.m. I already have my boarding pass.

I cannot tell you being away from you is like dying. I cannot ever stop thinking about you. And we have been together for so long. The Stones have been together for 50 years and have released a new song called Doom and Gloom. And it is fucking amazing, so excited to get new music from them.

Why I love them and U2 is because like so many things in life, it is easy to just give up and end relationships. Yes there are fights. But we realize when we are together it’s like nothing better. Being together forever is everything. I see middle aged couples and I always say, that will be us. Nothing will ever end this my love. And it’s not because we have kids, or society or family pressure.
We have been through difficult times. And we came out on top. The problems should make us stronger.

Let me say one thing to you.
I’ll be your savior, steadfast and true
I’ll come to your emotional rescue

That’s a Stones song.

From the time I write you my first love letter to my love “you”
And you waved that letter before the immigration section at the airport — Till today
You are Godsend to me forever stay this way!

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