19 NovMy Struggle To Reduce Post Pregnancy Weight Gain – Get Set Go

post pregnancy weight loss plan

Here I go – I have started planning on how to reduce post pregnancy weight gain . I know it will be difficult this time. That’s why I wannnnaaaaaaa make the whole weight loss plan fun. My point of view towards weight loss is simple. We tend to eat the wrong kind of food to soothe our emotions.

Whenever we are stressed out we choose emotional eating over healthy eating . Therefore, the whole idea of healthy eating requires us to find out ways to soothe your emotions so that you develop the right kind of healthy eating habits . This time my weight loss destination will take few months!

My son is my motivational factor this time!! After being a mom I feel stronger than ever before. I don’t know it’s a strange feeling but I feel a sense of strength to be more determined in whatever I try to do or achieve. It’s like as if I need to make him proud of having me as his mom! Sigh

I will try to increase my stamina to take out time to go out for an evening walk. As of now, my sleep deprivation is not letting me free to start my workout plan. Nonetheless, I will strive to reduce weight day by day and will give a weekly update of the progress.

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  1. Vibs says:

    Best of Luck 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Pooja.
    If you are looking for a new exercise for post pregnancy weightloss that is gentle and fun, I highly recommend tai chi. Not only will you see that ‘hard to lose’ belly fat start melting away…tai chi helps to balance your emotions, putting a stop to bingy type of eating.
    Dr. Pauline Bao

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